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Too many "Whys" for me

After reading Superior Spider, I kept feeling as though I've read all of this before. Oh yes, that's right; Scarlet Spider. It really felt like I was reading Kaine's first issue all over again. Which was what I was saying the moment I read the quote, "We want the marvel universe to interact with a darker Spider-man". It's almost these exaact same thing, really, only I'm more fond of Kaine. At least he's likable.

The 'Whys'

Every time Otto...Parker...Potter. That's what I'm going to call him. Everytime Potter interacted with someone, the first thing I asked myself was, 'how are they not suspicious'. Especially Mary Jane. Just like all of us, I turn a blind eye to plot stupidity, but when you've got someone like MJ(Who've known Parker his entire life, practically) is blind to how Peter's suddenly reacting. It really makes my teeth grind. All of a sudden he's calling her woman. His speech patterns have altered entirely. His manners. His work wardrobe(Mad scientist look...seriously?). Even his kissing. One would think that MJ would have at least asked around after the VERY first time she talked to Potter in 700. And I'm sure she talks to Carlie, so wouldn't she have asked Carlie, then Carlie would have referenced what happened in the police station? Right. If they had waited before allowing Pete to interact with MJ directly so early, I wouldn't be so irked about it. But they did. So I'm irked and hoping this issue is called to later.


I enjoyed the art. I did enjoy his moments of confusion whenever he committed a nice act. It's also good to see how he manages to stay one step ahead of his enemies and his knew suit seems pretty teched out. I feel like there's going to be some sort of rivalry between him and Tony soon. I hope so, looking back at the last time Otto and Tony got into it.


I'm giving it a three. I know this isn't going to be permanent so I'm just looking at it as a story arc that gets it's own comic book title. Even for an arc, the 'whys' I was asking were just too big of a deal that really should've put it all to a stop by the third issue lol. That and it's just too similar to Scarlet Spider. Even down to the colour scheme.

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