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I want to bitch-slap myself but... I LIKE this Spider-Man

A part of me wants to bitch-slap myself for liking this 'Superior Spider-Man" but...sigh... I like it. I might even like it a lot... I honestly thought I might just not read the series until they bring Peter Parker back, and we all know that's going to happen eventually. So, I almost didn't bother, but my curiosity got the better of me and...I LIKED It!!!

Without giving away spoilers, let me just say a few things.

  • Doc Ock's mind

I've often wondered by Peter Parker didn't rely on his genius more. Imagine he had... Well, Doc Ock, other than being an evil p---k, is all about using his mind. So put that in Peter Parker's body and... Well, that's what we get here.

  • Peter Parker's wit verses Doc Ock's arrogant and caustic snide remarks

Doc Ock could never match Peter Parker in witty quips, but somehow his arrogance and snide remarks work great in place of those witty quips from Spidey that we've loved for decades.

  • Confidence

Peter Parker is a humble man, which is good, but he so often doubts himself and his own abilities... Otto Octavius, on the other hand, is cocky to the point of being arrogant. But let me point out the difference between cocky and arrogance here.

Cocky - Supremely confidence (think jet pilot)

Arrogant - Having an elevated sense of self-worth.

People who are cocky, are simply very VERY confident in their own abilities. They believe in themselves. Otto simply takes the confidence too far, BUT it is refreshing to see a Spider-Man who does NOT doubt himself... I'll likely get tired of it soon enough, but I have to admit, it is nice to see...

  • The Downside

I absolutely do not want him and M.J. getting romantic... To me, that would be rape and I don't want it happening to M.J... ..or anyone for that matter.

I couldn't help but remember the time that The Chameleon pretended to be Peter Parker and slept with Parker's roomate... That was just wrong... That WAS rape and I hate that he got away with it. I HOPE M.J. will be repulsed by the differences she see's in Peter...

So...bottom line. I like it... I could enjoy this for a while. Also, I can see how this could be a positive thing for Peter when he does finally come back. Sure, Otto is an evil P---k but Parker could learn a few things from him....

Okay, now I have to bitch-slap myself...

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