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Eat THIS Haters! (Spoiler Free)

The New Spidey

Superior Spider-man is here, and as you've heard, he's superior in every way. Lots of people have expressed their concerns for the new Spider-man direction. Don't let that turn you away! This is the most entertaining comic I've read all year!

SPOILERS: Amazing Spider-man 700 is spoiled, not Superior Spider-man 1.

The Writing

This issue's dialogue is my favorite (I was joking before) of all of the Spider-man comics I've read (I've read from 600 to 700). Dan Slott paces the writing perfectly, and I love Superior's vocabulary. His sophistication shows, and it's great to read. Generally, comic books are confined to straightforward--even dull--writing because they only include dialogue and inner-monolgue. Superior Spider-man is the first comic book I've read with so much effort put just into the word choice. I mean, how often do you see, "tripe," anyways? I think it's indisputable that Dan Slott is a talented writer, purely on the merits of his literary prowess, and Superior Spider-man #1 makes it obvious. We'll have to wait and see if future issues are consistent with this one.

I'm sure that many of you have debated over the concept for Superior Spider-man. In Amazing Spider-man 700, it was revealed that Doc Ock is now Spider-man. However, contrary to popular opinion, this is a success! Watching Doc Ock play Spider-man is hilarious; seriously, if you get this issue for anything, get it for Peter's new Horizon wardrobe. And at dinner? He looks like a car salesman with his earpiece! It's so ridiculous that I can only laugh.

We also get to see Doc Ock struggling with his new identity. He's not really sure how he feels about being the good guy, and it's situations like this that make comic books unique. My only gripe is that Doc Ock is weird around Mary Jane. I mean, for a genius, he distracts rather easily.

The Art

Ryan Stegman's art is fantastic. If anyone has had issues with Amazing Spider-man's recent artists, they should be relieved to read this issue. With Stefano Caselli and Humberto Ramos, it felt like Spidey was always between boring-roundness and manga-rigidity. Stegman is the perfect Spider-man artist for this day and age. I would buy this series just for the art in an instant.

Best Part

The last page. Gotta read it!

Worst Part

Superior's interaction with Mary Jane. But we'll survive.


Get this for the last page! Even if you're a hater!

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