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Eat THIS Haters! (Spoiler Free) 1

The New SpideySuperior Spider-man is here, and as you've heard, he's superior in every way. Lots of people have expressed their concerns for the new Spider-man direction. Don't let that turn you away! This is the most entertaining comic I've read all year!SPOILERS: Amazing Spider-man 700 is spoiled, not Superior Spider-man 1.The WritingThis issue's dialogue is my favorite (I was joking before) of all of the Spider-man comics I've read (I've read from 600 to 700). Dan Slott paces the writing perf...

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Meh 2

Dan Slott. As much as I defended your talents as a writer, for all the praise you bitterly earned after One More Day, somehow you manage to churn out the most controversial comic of 2013 less than 2 weeks into the new year.And it is so freaking mediocre it hurts.The biggest issue I've had with this book is that I just have no interest in Doctor Octopus as anything more than an occasional villain. This new spider-man is riding on the hype, and Slott had to do one major task: make us care about Ot...

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This is called " telling a Story" ....( spoiler alert) 9

Warning! There Will Be A Lot Of Spoilers, If You Have Not Read SSM #1 Yet Do Not know, if you want me to be completely honest , i wasn't happy with how things turned out, but unlike Most Raging fans( just see the comment on the site called ComicBookMovies and you'll know what i mean) , i kept a few things in mind:Nothing in comics is permanent.This was a 3 issue story arc, meaning that since there was not much development for it, it would not be one of thous things that will remain f...

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I want to bitch-slap myself but... I LIKE this Spider-Man 9

A part of me wants to bitch-slap myself for liking this 'Superior Spider-Man" but...sigh... I like it. I might even like it a lot... I honestly thought I might just not read the series until they bring Peter Parker back, and we all know that's going to happen eventually. So, I almost didn't bother, but my curiosity got the better of me and...I LIKED It!!!Without giving away spoilers, let me just say a few things.Doc Ock's mindI've often wondered by Peter Parker didn't rely on his genius more. Im...

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Too many "Whys" for me 0

After reading Superior Spider, I kept feeling as though I've read all of this before. Oh yes, that's right; Scarlet Spider. It really felt like I was reading Kaine's first issue all over again. Which was what I was saying the moment I read the quote, "We want the marvel universe to interact with a darker Spider-man". It's almost these exaact same thing, really, only I'm more fond of Kaine. At least he's likable.The 'Whys'Every time Otto...Parker...Potter. That's what I'm going to call him. Every...

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Hoo boy, I bet there won't be a million of THESE up today! 0

This book is the beginning of the new Spider-Man status quo in the Marvel NOW! landscape. Peter Parker died in the body of his hated nemesis and Otto Octavius is now alive in the body of Peter Parker. In Peters final throes, however, he passes on a lesson of power and that other thing, something about corruption? I forget, it's been almost four pages since they used that line and my memory gets fuzzy over such long periods. And this Ock decides to further Spider-Man's legacy by besting Parker at...

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More Like The Disappointing Spider-Man 0

When I read Amazing Spider-Man 700 I said it was going to be my last Spider-Man comic until Peter comes back. I gave my reasons as to why and left on a good note.When I went to the comic store today one of the owners was really recommending this hard. The owner is someone who hasn't read Spider-Man in a while and loved this. I read a lot of the same books the owner did, so that piqued my interest. Also the fact they were willing to give anyone their money back if they didn't like it.Well I would...

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Superior Spider-Man #1 Review (SPOILERS!!) 0

Originally posted on Comic Frontline.Note: Spoilers abound in this review, and I'm not referring to the events in Amazing Spider-Man that led up to this series. Please do not read if you don't want to be spoiled.After shattering the status quo in a big way at the end of Amazing Spider-Man, Dan Slott teams up with Ryan Stegman to continuing weaving the web of tales that encompass the wall-crawler in the follow-up relaunch, Superior Spider-Man. Now, with Doctor Octopus in Peter Parker's body, he w...

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The Ending May Make Everything Better Again 1

Here is my video review for Superior Spider-man issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Disappointingly Brilliant 3

Until two days ago, I had no intention of reading this comic. Like so many others, I hate what Dan Slott has done to Peter Parker - one of my favourite super heroes. As such, I struggled to come into this with an open mind. However, as the score I gave it suggests, I believe I was successful. This truly was a superior Spider-Man comic.This is the kind of comic I consider to be a perfect read. The mix of fight scenes and plot development was very well done. We got to see Spider-Ock expertly fight...

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"Superior"? More Like "Sinister". 1

The wait is finally over.After the mind-blowing ending of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the epilogue (if you call it that) of Avenging Spider-Man 15.1, it was uncertain on how the first issue of Superior Spider-Man would play out. I mean the idea of Otto Octavius aka. Doctor Octopus seemingly killing Peter Parker by swapping Parker’s mind into his dying body and his mind into Parker’s body, that’s pretty bold. However, before Peter died, he passed on the one key element that kept him going: Power ...

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Video Review: Superior Spider-Man #1 0

A brand new Spider-Man is here except no one knows it except for Spider-Man himself! After the incredible events of ASM #700, what can we expect from the Superior Spider-Man??Good first issue, I thought, enjoyed it. The ending is definitely setting up what's to come in future issues of SSM....

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Spider-Ock! 1

The Good:First of all I have to mention Ryan Stegman's art. Since I first saw his interiors in Scarlet Spider #1 i've been in love with his pencils and style. He is one of my favorite artists out there at the moment and to see him back on a Spider-Character is a dream come true. I could spend the whole "Good" part of this post just praising Mr. Stegman's art but I will pull myself away and get into the other aspects.Dan Slott has been a consistently good writer of Spider-man since his run began....

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The New Spider-Man 0

WARNING THIS WILL SPOIL THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700!After the way The Amazing Spider-Man #700 ended my high hopes for this series lowered dramatically, and I wasn't actually sure what I'd think of it, and was considering not getting it at all. I eventually decided to try this series, with the hope that it would be good, and that Peter would return as Spider-Man sooner rather than later (like I assume most Spider-Man fans who had a similar reaction to ASM #700 did).PlotThis issue sees the introdu...

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Doctor Octopus really isn't likeable. 2

I like many people was very apprehensive about this series since Doctor Octopus is now Spider-man and is controlling Peter Parker’s body but I’m not one of the people who absolutely cannot stomach this sure I don’t like it but I won’t write death threats to Dan Slott because of this (seriously if you have you’re an idiot ok you don’t write Death threats because a comic characters died ok!). This actually is the first Spider-man series I am getting as I never got apart from Amazing Spider-man #70...

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Good and Bad at the same time 0

Writing: The comic is good but I hate Spider-Ock's dialogue especially in Spider-manArt: Ryan Stegman blew my mind with his art, it's very detailed .Story: Even though I hate Dan Slott for what he did I like the direction that he's going but he's also wise to put ghost peter vowing to take his body back because if peter really is dead the book would drop horribly.Verdict: While I love and hate the book it's pretty tough to know which one...

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here we go... 0

as we saw in Amazing Spider-Man issue 700 (spoiler) Doc Ock is now inhabiting Pete's body and will do 'good' in it.'THE GOOD:The new spider-man kicks...AYSSSSS. yea ayss. he uses extra strength that Pete always held back and i like that. but are they actually good? well now he can make sharp claws from his fingers which is pretty fricking amazing. also he's using his brain for a better use, and actually beating the villains, with barely touching them. that shows that Ock is pretty 'superior' to ...

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Serious, Tactical and Brutal 0

It is pretty evident that the Spider-Man we see here is quite different although tends to maintain similar behavioral patterns as that of Peter Parker. The "different" is seen when he gives it back as good to the boomerang during a fight or just gets on an offensive mode and kicks beetle's butt during the heist of the sinister six. The similar behavior is when he jumps to prevent a policeman being hit by the boomerang's weapon. This is probably Peter's "brain patterns" at work. It could be an in...

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The new Spiderman 0

I didn't read Amazing Spider-man 700, but I did read 699.Good: I do like this new spiderman. Making it otto octavius can make things interesting as Ock doesn't have the morals of peter, but Peter is still there to keep him in check. If peter's still alive-ish I hope the first person to deal with the life force of peter should be found by Doctor Strange.Bad: I think the Superior Spider-man is too similar to Scarlet Spider. (Now that I think of it, I hope they tangle, or I hope Kaine has something...

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Marvel sets Spider-man in a bold new direction 0

Marvel sets Spider-man in a bold new direction with its new, darker series, Superior Spider-Man.This review contains spoilers if you haven't read the issue yet (or ASM 700).Desperate and about to die, Doctor Octopus uses his mad science to swap bodies with Peter Parker. Parker then apparently dies in Doc Ock’s old body, but Octavius gets more than he bargained for when he absorbs Parker’s past experiences as well. Instilled with a new-found sense of responsibility, Octavius vows to be a better S...

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Superior Spider-Man 1 0

There's a new Spider-Man in town and he does not play by all the rules that Peter Parker once established. With the end of an AMAZING Spider-Man and the beginning of a SUPERIOR one, will this new Spider-Man stay true to the original's moral code?The GoodWARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! Ock-Parker is not entirely bad. While it does take some getting used to, having Ock in Peter Parker's body is an interesting turn. When Dan Slott killed off Peter Parker's mind in Amazing Spider-Man 700, it allowed writer...

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The new/old Spider-Man 0

I will always have fond memories of reading Spider-Man. He's probably one of the first comic book hero that captured my atention 17 years ago, when I started reading Marvel comic books. Peter Parker was a different hero, not only because of his sense of responsability, but because every writer of the 60s, 70s and 80s knew how to fit him in a context of fun and adventure action stories. He never got a break, his luck was often against him and yet, no matter how deep or hard his personal problem a...

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One of the best comics i have read in a long time 0

To be completly honest after reading The Amazing Spider-Man #700 - Dying Wish: Suicide Run; Spider-Dreams; Date Night I thought Dan Slott ruined Spiderman but after reading Superior Spider-Man i knew i was wrong. I was so addicted to the series that i went back to get the next one,then the next one,and so on.As you can see now i love Superior Spider-Man and everything that has to do with it. Spider-Man the non-killing superhero might turn over a new leaf while Otto is in his body and im loving ...

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Nothing superior 0

I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this one.....I was already suffering from PTSD about Peter Parker's death. He's been one of my favorite super heroes since I was 2 and it killed me inside to see him die. The start of this issue was just mind boggling to me. Seeing Otto Octavius in Peter's body was so so strange and it was impossible for me to digest what I was reading. I also found it really annoying that Otto(while in Peter's body) was acting completely eccentric and stereotypically evil ...

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Superior Spider-Man #1 Review 0

Cover & Solicit - 4/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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SpOck 0

I was not sure what I was expecting when I read this but, WOW. I loved it, we all know Peter Parker will be back eventually. So I do not mind some Doctor Octopus Spider-Man while we wait. This issue was pacy, intelligent, funny (at moments) and violent for your usual Spider-Man comic, after read #700, this is very good. Art is great. I applaud Dan Slott for his consistent great work on Spider-Man....

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