Character » Superion appears in 60 issues.

    Superion the combined transformation of the aerialbots and a powerful Autobot.

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    Generation 1

    Combiner NameVehicle ModeRole in Group
    SilverboltConcorde SST JetlinerLeader, Superion's Chest and Head
    Air RaidF-15 Eagle FighterSecond in Command, Superion's Left Leg
    FireflightF-4 Phantom IISuperion's Right Arm
    SkydiveF-16 Falcon FighterSuperion's Right Leg
    SlingshotSea Harrier JumpjetSuperion's Left Arm

    Transformers: Energon

    Combiner NameVehicle ModeRole in Group
    Storm JetSR-71 BlackbirdLeader, Superion Maximus' Torso & Head
    TreadshotF-22 RaptorSuperion Maximus' Right Arm
    Sky ShadowA-10 ThunderboltSuperion Maximus' Right Leg
    TerradiveA-10 ThunderboltSuperion Maximus' Left Arm
    WindrazorF-22 RaptorSuperion Maximus' Left Leg

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