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In the wake of the War of the Supermen, Kara deals with the loss of her family and her people, and threatens to leave the life of super-heroism once and for all, while an enemy joins S.T.A.R. Labs and causes ruckus in Metropolis.

The Good

I don't regularly read this book, but on occasion I've been known to pick it up and give it a read through, and after each read through I always ask myself, "Why isn't this on my pull list." It never fails. I loved the dialogue between Lana and Kara in this book, and where Kara wants her life to head to. Unfortunately, in the world of comics, that won't fly. This is a very solid story, and there's a lot going on, like the inclusion of the female Dr. Light and a bunch of things happening at S.T.A.R. Labs. Plus, a last page reveal that got me super-duper excited for the next issue: a character I can't wait to see battle it out with everyone else in this book. This book was dialogue heavy, but it never got boring, which is the sign of incredibly strong writing on the part of Sterling Gates.

The Bad

These two page advertisements come at the worst time, usually right before something important is reveled. I don't care about the Sin & Punishment Wii game, and I will not be watching Unnatural History on the cartoon network. Please space them out normally. The two pages really break my concentration on the book.

The Verdict: 4/5

Like I stated earlier, I randomly pick this book up and give it a read, but I'm never lost, and I always really enjoy it. The art, writing, and story are always strong, and flat-out, it's a fun read that you will get lost in, in a good way. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for just a fun read, and not just for the Super-Girl fans.
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 @Inferiorego: Will you be picking up next issue too, based on this one's cliffhanger?   Careful, you may end up NOT randomly picking this book up! hehe...

I'll give this ish a shot, I'm in desperate need for a FUN read... I've been disappointed by a lot of DC books lately (including Brightest Day...Grrr....makes me wanna smack Geoff Johns over the head!!!) 
Thanks for the Review!    

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@Aquamariner: i will for sure be getting the next issue
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like the cover....i gotta get caught up with Supergirl issues

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I kinda want to read this. I grabbed up War of the Supermen after getting the issue 0 during Free Comic Book Day, and I'd like to read either this or Superman, but I'm really on the fence about which of the two I'd actually like to start reading...

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