Which SuperGirl Book Should I Read?

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I bought the Superman/Batman SuperGirl book that introduced her into the mainstream back in 2005. I started to read her own series but now with the reboot should i leave that and read the reboot? Im not sure why they cut her hair in the reboot i liked her better with long hair like in the book i have. But anyways is it the reboot one to read and is it the same book name or something else? like 'Supergirl 52' or is it still continuing in its own 2005 book?

Any Help Will be Greatly Appreciated :)

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i like sterling gates run on supergirl the best the reboot is getting interesting though. idk its your choice.

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#3 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (12139 posts) - - Show Bio

I really liked her series before the reboot so you may want to start with that before the Dc reboot Supergirl.

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#4 Posted by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio

@NeoAndroid: No, the new Supergirl book pretty much starts all over so what you're going to want to do is read the current ongoing. If you still have some extra cash and time, it would be possible to buy a few Trade Paperbacks of the last series to familiarize yourself with the character, but it is important for you to know that nothing that happened previously is in continuity anymore, as far as I'm aware.

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Try the 2005-11 reboot volume. Its not bad, although the first 19 issues or so has ridiculous PIS/Loebforce at work in demonstrating Kara's powers. But it was a solid series and I'm currently trying to get all the issues myself.

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I'd say go with the original run from Superman / Batman: Vol 2 and the collections that follow it:

Power, Candor, Identity, Beyond Good and Evil, Way of the World

And just for the sake of argument, I that's how they spelled "Candor" whether this is a typo, and it's supposed to refer to the lost city, which to my knowledge has always been spelled "Kandor" or whether they were referring to the actual word "candor" I don't really know. It does seem a little confusing that they would put that though (mini-rant over)

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Whichever! It's not like there are 50 of them.

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This is a complete retelling of the character, it doesn't really have any carryover from Gates' run.

That being said, it's totally worth it to buy the trades for the previous volume. It was a great run, one of my favorites.

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I prefer this,its not tainted by Jeph Loeb.

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@entropy_aegis said:

I prefer this,its not tainted by Jeph Loeb.

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Thanks alot for all your guys help :)

Does it change Kara that drastically in the Reboot like her personality being completely different and such?

Also i think i will do as you suggested and get the TPB of the Series before the reboot since so many people seemed to like it that have responded its gotta be a good lot :)

And get the Reboot afresh.

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Stick with the Volume 5 series, beginning with Superman/Batman: Supergirl which reintroduced her and go into Power, continuing on from there. The entire series is 67 issues but it's the best incarnation of Supergirl ever, even including the New 52 Supergirl, which is drastically different.

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So is there a new supergirl comic like the other new 52 books?

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Just for extra pick up some of the superman adventures and justice league unlimited comics if you're a fan of the dcau version.

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#15 Posted by Skewer (348 posts) - - Show Bio

I forgot to mention supergirl and the legion of superheroes. From what I heard that its good.

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The 2005 volume is not bad but the first few issues are nothing special.The current volume is average but I'm enjoying it.And about Linda Dnevers being connected with Supergirl and that volume,I'm not a fan of it.

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