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The first issue of the digital first series based on CBS's Supergirl TV show titled, The Adventures of Supergirl was released today. The first chapter is written by Sterling Gates and has art by Bengal.

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With the first issue, we are presented Kara fighting with the villain Ramage. This leads to brief introduction narrated by Kara about her (TV show) origin and what is going on. Not a lot happens in the first issue. Anyone who is already watching the TV show will be familiar with the information that is given.

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Personally, I think Bengal's art was best thing about the issue. The fight with Rampage is short but it will most likely continue in the next chapter.

The series is bi-weekly so the next chapter won't be out until February 8. Unlike some of DC's other Digital first series, they won't be releasing physical issues of the chapters. Instead, the series will be released in paperback after the digital run ends.

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Honestly in my opinion it didn't do any better than the TV show.

And the TV show imo has been weak, poor even.

There's so much I don't like about the TV show, that this comic from the start had little changes of appealing to me.

I'd preferred to see the Supergirl from the regular comics return.

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