'Supergirl' Premiere Date Announced on Fall Schedule

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We know Supergirl is headed to television on CBS. It already has received buzz as a 'promising' new show. CBS' fall schedule has just been released. So when can we expect to see Kara Zor-El on television?

Supergirl Premiere Date Video Announcement. #WelcomeHome

A video posted by Tony Guerrero (@gmanfromheck) on

Monday, Oct. 26: Following an original episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY (8:00-8:30 PM), SUPERGIRL makes its series debut at a special time (8:30-9:30 PM), followed by SCORPION (9:30-10:30 PM) and a comedy rebroadcast (10:30-11:00 PM). SUPERGIRL moves into its regular time period (8:00-9:00 PM) on Monday, Nov. 2, while SCORPION returns to 9:00-10:00 PM.

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At least it's in a very good slot.

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A new ep of Big Bang Theory as lead in is as best a launching pad one can provide on broadcast TV. Curious to see how much audience it retains. Not quite sure how I feel it'll do leading off Monday primetime at 8. It dosen't have the biggest competition and Scoripion isn't a major juggernaught, its solid by CBS standards and GREAT by all other broadcasters. Anchoring the night with NCIS:NOLA seems like an overall safe net.

Mondays the night young people will watch CBS.

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I might actually watch this and I don't enjoy comic book shows like Flash and Arrow.

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@teerack said:

I might actually watch this and I don't enjoy comic book shows like Flash and Arrow.

Flash is so good tho


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I sure hope the show was misrepresented in the first trailer. That did NOT look great.

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Two nerd shows in a row!

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lately i've been a little worried about this, but i'm hoping for the best

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Can't wait! :)

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The actress is super cute...

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^btw, that pun was not intended.....kinda

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well its earlier than the original november so instead of a birthday present an early birthday present. thanks cbs :)

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Ehhh I'll be watching Monday Night Football :) Guess I'll have to TiVo it

PS Kara looks very pretty there in a DJ Tanner sort of way

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@sachmoo: So I know this guy (definitely not me) who watched the leaked pilot. He liked it at times but was not overly impressed (really didn't like the Jimmy Olson/Kara dynamic)

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She's hot

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So here's my theory

- Older and black Jimmy Olsen meant that maybe it was more like a sequel to Superman canon (maybe "What Happened to Man of Tomorrow?" or Superman's retirement story) and he stopped being a naive photographer.

At least I was kinda grateful that DC made something lighthearted compared to Nolan-verse and Man of Steel.

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Seen it.

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Will give it up to the mid season finale before I make some judgements....

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Hopefully Gotham will have a different time slot. I mean you can always DVR it but it seems kinda counterproductive for a company to have two shows based on their products running at the same time. But maybe CBS and Fox make those decisions and not WB/DC

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Monday Night Football says I'll have to dvr this one.

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She's adorable

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Eh I'll give it a shot

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It's up against Football and Raw I hope CBS markets the shit out of it.

I am looking forward to and I hope it does amazing for them so NBC will know Constantine failed because they had no faith in it.

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can't wait for this show,loved the trailer and can't wait for Supergirl to kick butt!

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I wonder if it'll immensely better like The Flash. I really hope so.

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@sachmoo said:

I sure hope the show was misrepresented in the first trailer. That did NOT look great.

It was. The trailor made it look like an awful Devil Wears Prada meets Superman rip off. It's much better than that. Not perfect, but really good. At least as good as the Flash Pilot was.

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Good lead in with BBT and on a good night, Monday. Weird though that it will be going up against Gotham. It also has MNF to contend with. I will be watching up to at least the mid season finale to see what I think.

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Monday, Oct. 26: Following an original episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY (8:00-8:30 PM), SUPERGIRL makes its series debut at a special time (8:30-9:30 PM), followed by SCORPION (9:30-10:30 PM) and a comedy rebroadcast (10:30-11:00 PM).

This is an interesting Monday. I rarely, if ever, seen a one-hour show start at 8:30. Still better than MNF.

Oh, and this actress is attractive, girl-next-door attractive, in this shot. Notsomuch in her Glee shots, but then Glee sucked. She also has nice blue eyes.

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Damn she's hot.

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I have not heard nice things about this show after the leak.

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The pilot was "meh", although the show does have potential.

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the only buzz its getting is because its a Superman show, & the last one ran for 10 years. The other is because they gender-swapped Kal-El, & renamed him Kara. & even if the show does succeed like Arrow/Flash, or even as long as Smallville, its not because of superGIRL, but because its SUPERperson. Just goes to prove that a female show can succeed only if it has a male foundation. Even Xena, would not have been a success if it were not for Hercules.

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After watching the leak i lost interest in this show, the emotions felt forced, the fight scenes and CGI were much worse than expected and none of the characters were interesting enough to look forward to

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I really hope that the 2nd & 3rd episode are not indicative of the pilot. I really wish I had not watched it, it was birds of prey bad in my opinion.

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@cobramorph: couldn't agree more. I for one much preferred "Herbert: The Vampire Slayer" to the short lived spinoff...

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I'm not going to lie, Supergirl looks pretty attractive in that post

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I've seen the first episode already, it's pretty good except I hate jimmys character. He's to "cool"

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I feel like super f***ing her.

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why would you wanna watch it anyway they already screwed her up she look nothing like supergirl, supergirl has bright blond hair they already managed to mess up the emblem and the blue in her costume is all wrong not to mention they cant write characters for shit

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