Supergirl Not Crossing Over with CW Shows for Now

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Photo by Cody Pickens
Photo by Cody Pickens

Writer and Producer Greg Berlanti has quite a few superhero shows under his belt, including Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Supergirl, as well as executive producing DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrow/The Flash spin-off. He recently talked to Variety about the all of his shows and said this about Supergirl crossing-over with the CW super-hero shows:

“The network has said publicly at this point they’re going to keep her to themselves... I always approach the shows as a fan first, so I would love to see (a crossover). I think in success, all things are possible. But there’s a lot that would have to happen before everybody might say yes to that.”

It's a bit early to have Supergirl cross-over, for a few reasons. While CBS and the CW do have ties, they are separate networks and operate as such. In addition, unlike The Flash, where Barry was first introduced in Arrow, there are no ties between the characters within Supergirl and either of the CW shows. While CBS said that they're keeping Supergirl to themselves, don't count a future crossover out completely, just yet. CBS may be a bit more guarded about the property. Just because comic book shows are a hit on the CW doesn't mean CBS will have the same success.

While now it looks a little bleak, don't count a major cross-over out just yet, but the chances of seeing any of that in season one of Supergirl is slim to none, with it leaning heavily to none.

For now, we just have this:

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First... this Variety shoot was incredible.

Secondly, once Supergirl becomes a success, we'll get that crossover.

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Good. Girlfriend don't need no Arrow or Flash cramping her style.

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@currentthor2015: Maybe Flash but definitely not Arrow. I'm all for girl power here so Arrow and Flash should stay where they are.

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Doesn't CBS own the CW?

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Two different networks. Even If this CBS and CW, its still two different networks competing for the same viewers. This doesn't surprise me, I didn't even expect it honestly.

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FOR NOW. It will happen


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You see, Supergirl will be awesome, but there are a TON of things holding it back. Here are the worst two:

#1: It is trying to be a bit TOO lighthearted and cheesy, and they are overemphasizing that she's a klutz.

#2: They are overemphasizing the fact that she's a girl. Well DUH! This is not Agent Carter where that was something important due to the sexist times. This is 2015, not the damn 1940's.

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Since time travel is a big part of the Flash TV show, they could eventually have Flash alter their universe so both TV Shows are compatible (i.e. Superman will exist and be known before Flash gets his powers) and then we can have a big cross-over episode in the future.

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I don't personally see how Supergirl can be part of the Arrow-verse, since Superman is so well established (for several years) in her world, and not in Ollie and Barry's.

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It'll happen eventually.

I mean, come on, they BELONG together! !

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Good for now. Let Supergirl stand on its own first. Once it finds its footing, we can talk about crossovers (which might be difficult given the Superman factor, but could be kinda solved by putting National City on the East Coast of the US and Star/Central Cities in the West).

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Missing a few pics.

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@snape: I'm gonna go there and make "Barra" a thing now.

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Two different networks. Even If this CBS and CW, its still two different networks competing for the same viewers. This doesn't surprise me, I didn't even expect it honestly.

There isn't really a competion, every single one of the CW's shows would get cancelled at CBS if they pulled in the same type of numbers.

A crossover can only be benefical for both networks.

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@the_stegman: Ha! I'm not on Tumblr but a friend of mine (who's new to comics but loves the shows) said a lot of people are shipping Laurel and Cisco now ever since she appeared on The Flash. Apparently they're calling it #BlackVibe

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If Supergirl and Flash/Arrow crosses over, I can see a huge affair between the characters

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Awwwww! Ain't that cute?


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Super girl does look kinda hot, but for Barry.....I just want to see him not be so whiny for her to actually be with him, but I could see it

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Sooooo for the time being no crossover :( thats sad :(
though starting a supergirl series without any ties to arrow/flash/legends will just help it. I mean i love the other series (and am way pumped for Legends *a-very-manly-squeeeeeeee*) but i do think that to appeal to the audiances that supergirl is primarily aimed towards having an arrow/flash connection there from the get-go may not be a good move (well flash to a lesser extent), but developing the series by itself, seeing how it goes and then (if CBS green lights it) crossing them over would be damn cool because a) It would just be frigging cool, b) the "super" family would exist in the CWverse (move aside smallville), and c) it would succed at launching a series without constantly referencing the original materials ala agents of SHIELD (we get it! you guys exist in the same universe as the Avengers! we got it in the first season! please stop going on about it!).

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They said this not too long after announcing the show. It makes sense as there's no need to do a crossover before the show can even establish its own characters, story, tone, etc.

If it's pretty successful I can see it happening tbh.

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@bigman1227: There's nothing wrong with emphasizing the fact that she's a girl. Its a show about SuperGIRL. Its OK for it to be girly and to make it clear that its a show about a woman. I'm not even sure what you mean by overemphasizing.

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well i hope that changes. i want to see Flash race somebody with an "S" on them around the world for charity, dammit!

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@dondave: Half. The C in CW stands for CBS, whereas the W stands for Time Warner.

CBS is one of the two parent organizations of CW.

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No crossover? Ehhh... That was a major reason I cared about the show because I thought it would connect with Flash and Arrow.

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#30 Posted by StMichalofWilson (5631 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it'll happen. Eventually

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I agree with that decision. The Superman universe is too big for Flash and Arrow and Legends. Being on CBS, let's see how long Supergirl lasts first.

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CBS you got some xplaining to do!

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From the looks of Supergirl that'll be a good thing..

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I'd be happier with recognition they take place in the same universe, along with a couple references between shows rather than lots of cross over episodes like they do with Flash and Arrow. I much prefer that the characters to stay in their own show.

Edit: Boy are those pictures cheesy. I kinda want to take a bath now.

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@the_stegman: And it might not be him, but atleast Grant will be working with a member of the Super Family

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I don't understand why this keeps coming up. Like 2 months ago Tassler was like "why would we ever crossover with those shows, they are our competitors." She literally didn't seem to get at all why anyone could even imagine there would be a crossover. It doesn't matter that the producer is the same.

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They look quite a couple.

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@dondave said:

Doesn't CBS own the CW?

No. Both of them are owned by same company though. Warner Bros, I think.

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@supbatz: Well Star(ling) City is kind of Seattle and Central is supposed to be in the Midwest somewhere... But it seems seem like Superman is National News level from the trailer.

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I can agree upon not having a crossover right away. Let the show develop it's own rouge gallery and supporting group. I don't see an issue with even mentioning (aka hinting) at the other metahuman during the show. Maybe a season 2 cliffhanger that crosses all 4 titles would be the best way to cross the characters over into each other's titles.

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I wish all the CW shows were part of DC Cinematic Universe.

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She really looks good in the Supergirl costume. She has this nice girl-next-door beauty to her that I think is really appropriate for Supergirl. Another nice thing about her casting is that since she was on Glee she probably has some dance experience which can add grace to some of her flying scenes.

What I'm hoping is that when the Reverse Flash went back in time, he messed up the timeline so Superman does not exist yet in the Flash universe and therefore the Supergirl and Flash universe are incompatible.

But the Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow TV shows are all about time travel so in the end things can be fixed up and the correct timeline is restored so Kal-El and Kara can exist in the Flash universe and we can have a big cross-over event in the future. But in the meantime, the shows should be separate and each show be allowed to develop on its own. But the producers should keep the idea of some cross-over event happening in the future and set things up for that.

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@jayc1324: I couldn't agree more and frankly I'm sick and tired of all this feminist clap trap that female characters acting girly is somehow negative. I was glad to see the trailer address that right from the get go, bottom line there is room in comics for all kinds of different characters if someone would be happier with a butch female version of rambo then that's fine as well it isn't my cup of tea but it may work for others.

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Damn, Supergirl is pretty.

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Also based on the trailer it seems that Superman is well established in the Supergirl show which would make a lot of reactions and incidents in Flash strange. OMG metahumans, oh kinda like the Sun god who lives in that other city? For that matter where was he when the accelerator went haywire?

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Arrow fans BTFO

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God, I still can't get over that awful trailer. The thing looked like a parody of a show.

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Agreed hold off on any crossovers until Supergirl becomes the raging success it will become and then look at crossovers in a couple of seasons time

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