Supergirl Joins LEGO Dimensions

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If you've been wondering whether or not to pick up LEGO Dimensions, this might make things easier. Supergirl is coming to the game, but there's a slight catch. Check out the video trailer along with the press release containing all the information about how you can get this minifigure.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed today at Gamescom that starting in late September 2016, LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs for Sony PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system will include an exclusive, bonus DC Comics Supergirl LEGO minifigure for a limited time. The highly collectable Supergirl LEGO minifigure has many extraordinary in-game abilities to help solve puzzles and battle enemies, including Super Strength, Flying, X-Ray Vision, and Beam Attacks which enable her to shoot heat beams out of her eyes. She can also transform into Supergirl Girl Red Lantern with additional abilities such as firing powerful Red Lantern energy bolts and energy beams from the Red Lantern Ring and forming Red Lantern Energy Constructs.

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The LEGO Dimensions PS4™ Starter Pack includes the videogame, bricks to build the LEGO Gateway, four LEGO minifigures, Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle and the exclusive Supergirl, plus the LEGO Batmobile, and the revolutionary LEGO Toy Pad, which allows players to transport special LEGO minifigures and models into the game, as well as direct in-game action all with the movement of the physical toys.

In the future, Supergirl will be available as a “Hire-a-Hero,” a feature in LEGO Dimensions that allows players to sample characters using studs collected in the game. Players can select the hologram minifigure near certain hint stones to unlock characters for a limited time to try out their special abilities to solve problems and complete puzzles.

LEGO Dimensions is developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Here's more screenshots:

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For Rao's sake! That's so cute! I need to play that and I also need both Supergirls key rings for my collection. <3

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I need her.

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This is really lame. Not only does this penalize anyone who bought the game in year one, it also penalizes anyone who wanted to get the game for any other platform. Anyone who didn't already buy the game is not going to buy it now just because they added Supergirl. All this does is build ill will within the loyal fanbase they already have.

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Like the Red Lantern Supergirl.

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@nappystr8: that's my thoughts too. I have an Xbox One and as a completionist I want both her and Green Arrow but not going to pay the $50 a pop on ebay.

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