'Supergirl' First Look Trailer

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not bad

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not bad

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not bad

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getting a kick out of everyone freaking out that the show will be like the Black Widow SNL skit and only have one question to ask........you all have watched Smallville, Arrow and Flash right? So tell me how those shows in any way presented anything but horrible sterotype tropes of teenage and young adult relationships any different than SNL's parody. They've been horrible examples of CW cliches....look honestly at how Clark, Lana and Chloe (not to mention the horror that was Lois' relationship experiences and beliefs) were portrayed from a relationship standpoint and tell me what's different. Look at the horror that we're meant to shallow between Oliver and Felicity. Or Barry pinning away for Iris and the sterotypical "teenage drama" (despite not being a teenager) of Iris' back and forth conundrum of Eddy or Barry depending on what that episode plot demands.

All Supergirl is doing is replacing the stereotypical male CW protagonist with a stereotypical female CW protagonist. Either way were still gonna get the same puke inducing teen romance novel crap that draws in the non-comic reader female audiences (particularly older single women if you've never seen those horror shows at a comiccon cast presentation) and that the rest of us just have to cringe through to get to the stuff we actually want to see. Not much we can do about it, it will continue to be the formula so long as these shows keep being successful. The catch 22 is just that we want them to be successful so we get the good stories.

As for the dismissiveness of the female lead.....welcome to real life. As many women I'm sure will attest being dismissed by male co-workers and senior females is still a very real aspect of our society. Its not right and blatantly obvious to even a low-brow male like myself but it is a fact. That the show pulls from that basic fact is a good reminder to us all that it is still a common element of many careers and opinions. That the show will, I suspect, show Kara overcoming those initial impressions and policies is itself a worthwhile aspect and good message for the show to send even if it has to start at an unwelcome spot.

I'm curious, though, if more women are adversly comparing the trailer to the skit based on what the skit represents or more guys making an incorrect comparison on the basis that they don't want to watch a show like the skit.

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really glad that the Pilot leaked. it probably saved the show. otherwise it would have had a very low showing premiere.

the preview they made was REALLY misleading. they cut it to look like Devil Wears Prada meets Superman, to appeal to what the studio thinks female audiences want to see. women should be offended by how condescending this trailer is...

but it's much better than all of that thank god. this pilot isn't brilliant but it is just as good as the Flash's was. i'm looking forward to the series now.

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It is the worst superhero product I have ever seen.

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looks awful, her hairs too dark and her costumes all wrong and the whole show looks to stereotypically girly

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