Supergirl #26

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What is this I don't even...

"Following the stunning conclusion of “Krypton Returns,” Supergirl arrives back on Earth with a new mission and a clearer understanding of her place in the universe. But a striking new foe prepares to welcome Supergirl home: LOBO! What could the mysterious new character want from Supergirl? Find out as the hot new creative team of writer Tony Bedard (GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS) and artist Yildiray Cinar (EARTH 2) launch Supergirl into the next stage of her life in the DC Universe! - See more at:"

Check out the cover image - now we're mixing and matching the crazy. Not only does this sort of confirm that the Twilight manboy version of Lobo is the real deal, he's also going to invade Kara's title.

Or...maybe she just really likes husky grey-skinned nutjobs? Oh well, at least she's a consistent clone, maybe she'll go on a date with Bizarro in a fews issues time to complete the trinity.

Looks like yet another New 52 creative team has jumped ship, but this time on slightly better terms than the Batwoman staff. Maybe DC mandated Kara's issue #23 death as another petty stab at the departing writer/artist, killing off "their" brash and rebellious Supergirl, to replace her with one who has "a clearer understanding of her place in the universe". Ha ha, if there was ever a veiled way of saying "yeah, now the EDITORS are back in charge and putting this title on the tracks WE want it to be on", then that's it right there.

Oh well. I think the Kara I was following really has died in issue 23, so probably going to drop this book unless the creative gap is bridged properly.

For the bigger picture, it feels like things are really going wrong for DC and the whole New 52 concept, with so many books being pulled way off course in a short span of time. Management might be trying to blame the writers for a disappointing performance, but the really sad part is the loss of so many 1-2 year story arcs that are being thrown in the trash. It's like half the characters in the New 52 are being replaced with Skrulls and joining Stephanie Brown in "what could have been" limbo.

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It's look like a restart for supergirl....I agree....DC does not really tap the potential value of this role for New 52 Supergirl

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wait she is dying again? She was disintegrated and now she is gonna die?

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