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idk how many of you watched the tv show smallville but i feel they could have treated kara better shes a great charater shes clarks true family. without kara clark is truly alone she is his link to krypton in alot of ways she is his home. i think sterling gates is one of the few writers who understands what makes kara tick. iam hopeing this relaunch is good but iam still worried.
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@LoganRogue24: i know what you mean about smallville cause she is one of the best charters that is in the show then she just kind of fell of the radar and she come back every once in a while.
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overall that show made a lot of mistakes and while I watched every episode faithfully in the end it disappointed me a lot. Kara was only one of many reasons why that show went from a completely new and great take on superheroes on tv (yes it had the sappy CW-ness ideas even from the beginning but  for non-fans of the Lana Lang pining the bulk of the first three seasons were awesome) to something that never reached its potential because it never bent the rules even when every fan of the show wanted them to. Its almost insane how this show turned non-comic book readers into complete fanatics and even they wanted Clark to fly and don a costume for the last 4 to 5 seasons. People just wanted to see a new take on Superman but it always felt like the CW, in its greed, thought that by not changing the show it would get new fans all the time. They were wrong and numbers suffered through the last 3-4 seasons. 
but to get back to the point...........Kara was a great character to introduce but they had done so at the wrong time. At season 7 the show was at a bit of a standstill in terms of progressing Clark and the others to the next level of their lives and careers. I can see the allure of bringing in Kara to shake things up a bit but overall her impact on Clark goes unnoticed because the writers just didn't know what to do at this point. Then she just takes off for space with nothing to really go on and life continues normally. It would have been better to save her character (and rid our memories of the ridiculous idea of her and Brainiac.....another character done horribly.....flying through a hole in time to Krypton) for season 9 and introduce her at the same time as the Kandorian clones.....but with her memories intact. That would have made a nice polar look at the ideals and beliefs of Kryptonians. On the one hand you have the militant followers of Zod while on the other Kara could connect Clark to his Kryptonian family and make him understand the values the House of El stood for. By the end of the season Clark sends her off world because he's going to use the Book of Rao and shows how much he trusts her by leaving Earth under her protection once he's gone. He doesn't leave, obviously, and all of season 10 Kara is around to both help with Darkseid (and not this crap about the Jor-El computer ordering her to) and be part of the engagement and everything else. Would have made the character feel just as important to the overall life of Clark as her silver age comic book counterpart was.
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itbrd i agree with you fully. i did not buy the crap in prophecy that if Kara stayed and helped Clark it would endanger Earth wth. i allso hated in season 8 Clark did not even bother to look for Kara he did not care if she was dead or alive. funny how sv respected the Clark and Kents as family but they forget Kara is his true family and they treat her like shes not important.
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I was kinda surprised that she didn't have a more permanent role in the series.
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me to destroya91 she is clarks family for gods sake.
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I loved her on Smallville. The scenes where Clark is trying to help her with her powers, echoed back to his dad helping him and were pretty memorable. 

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She was only meant to be a temporary character in the first place. She returned in the last season only as a cameo and to give the audience a sense of overall finality, as they did with many aspects of the show.
I did think that sending her to the future was a little out of left field but in hindsight I decided that the show was about Clark and he needed the limelight in the end. They couldn't have another character with his powers running around because that would be like pretending that they were in a crisis. If she was around but wasn't helping Clark beat Apocalypse, there obviously wasn't a threat.

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smallville fucked over supergirl in my opion.

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