Secret Identity in Super girl Show-not in use!

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I notice they are really down playing SG secret identity and giving her more support people who knew her secret from the start. Which is nice for a change. So you don't have to do goofy things to keep it a secret and you have more support characters for more story lines. Which, I think would be more common in the super hero world. To have a lot of people helping you! Even Jesus had 12 guys helping him!!

What do you all think of these plots points?

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It's just like Flash and Arrow, they have lot's of support characters that know their secrets. I'd have preferred less people knew to change it up.

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The problem of the show is that that Supergirl does not connect to anything. Not MoS nor the comics.

Melissa Supergirl, is the weakest version of Supergirl I've seen since the DCAU version.

Also the way Kara acts, the way she tries to be so goofy and clumsy, comes out seeming unreal and forced.

She may have a more supporting cast, and people that know about her secret identity, and although using the DEO resources would've make more sense, I found it unreal how her best buddy Winn, being just the Catco IT guy could afford to have all that high tech equipment. So unless Cat Grant pays way above average wagers, that alone is already one of the show biggest mistakes.

And comparing her feats to Superman is a cheap move. Seeing we got no way to compare both. So saying she defeated Reactron and saying that she was able to defeat him when Superman wasn't able to, was a cheap move and one shot in their own foot, seeing that it was Superman that saved her life the second time she went against Reactron.

Also. Why include one of DC biggest mistakes. When fighting Red Tornado, she simply used her laser vision (I call it laser vision because that's what the show is showing) to higher levels of power output, and then on the next episode they said that what she did was the Flare power, when the Flare power doesn't even work like they showed.

Honestly the show might have been renewed to another season, but going on like it has been, something tells me it will be the last.

The show simply fails in too much stuff to take it seriously.

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