man of steel spoilers

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So the ship in the trailer, is on earth because Kara crash landed it there. In the prequel comic anyway

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yes,i know this,I love supergirl in the movie

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@w0nd: supergirl should be have more solar than superman in the movie,lol

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Wait.... WUT?

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She would be like over 30.000 years old.

But what if There was two Kara's canon to the Dc cinematic universe.

One who's the actual cousin of Kal-el, and this one shown in comics is supposed to be Powergirl :P

Okay that might be pushing it...

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Awesome, that doesn't make sense.

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#7 Posted by SandMan_ (4581 posts) - - Show Bio

No Supergirl please.

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3000 years solar

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