Leave Supergirl alone!!!!!

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I see everyone calling her stupid, a dumb blonde. Leave her alone!!!!!!

Would you be thinking right if your home planet was now supposedly destroyed, your baby cousin was now older than you, and the only one not only seemed to understand, but could also reverse your situation, was a weird zombie boy?

Would you want people to call you "dumb blonde b1+ch"?

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...When has anyone ever called her that on here? She's got a superbrain just like her co-oh wait you're referencing an old as f*ck meme, nevermind.

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i don't really see why anyone ever makes such comments about a fictional character but I do see them all the time and both shake my head in disgust and laugh my ass off at the same time. i mean, she and other characters aren't real yet some of the comments about them you'd think these were reality show characters (though personally I don't see the appeal of reality shows nor why people feel the need to waste time sending mail, written or electronic, to people just to bash them).

however, the way Supergirl has been written in the new 52 has been terrible. yes, it can be expected that she is confused and uncertain given what has happened but for me its the "let's dumb the problem down to teenage angst, anger, and rebellion" that makes it annoying because its simply taking an extreme look at a stereotype to play up conflict. i'm not saying revert her to hercsilver age persona right off the bat (though if her character could make some progression to that I think it would be the best way to go) but how she was introduced in Batman/Superman was far better than in the new 52. yeah DC still played the teenage angle too hard at times, but it was far more realistic that when she sees a familiar symbol, the House of El crest, and hears her native tongue that she is happy and relieved rather than instantly lashing out and distrustful.

personally i would have liked to see a Supergirl title in the 31st century alongside the Legion than in the present. Keep her own book and let her have her own adventures but allow her to interact with the Legion from time to time. she could still have been stuck in suspended animation but it would have been interesting to not only see her adjust to life with no Krypton but also living up to a legacy from the past rather than being under it in the present. it would mirror the type of isolation as the last Kryptonian Kal-El should have, but add a nice twist that might play out better if the universe only had a Supergirl rather than having a Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl around. plus it would have played great homage to the fact her previous incarnation spent so much time with the Legion and was identified by that connection for so many years.

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...When has anyone ever called her that on here? She's got a superbrain just like her co-oh wait you're referencing an old as f*ck meme, nevermind.

Lol I thought this too.

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