Is she already an established hero?

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    I have after a decent break from comics finally caught up with the majority of the DC Comics that I read.  In so doing I read the Supergirl portion of the H’el arc.  After starting out reading about 20 titles in the new 52, I am now down to two – Wonder Woman and Supergirl.  I hadn’t really expected that Supergirl would be one of the two holdouts at DC, but I have enjoyed the series mostly thus far as it is.  Something which struck me as interesting though in the recent story arc (which hasn't really been very captivating for me) is one of the usual cliches of heroes fighting heroes - that being that Supergirl's heroic side is appealed to as she battles with Wonder Woman.  Supergirl is being appealed to that she doesn't want to do what he is about to do and she is being misled.  As a cliche I guess it is pretty common along with the mentally controlled "fight through it, I know you are in there somewhere" and is an established part of comic book writing, but is there really enough basis for Wonder Woman (or anyone else) to make this statement?  Since arriving to Earth Supergirl has gotten in a fight with Superman, had a big fight in New York City where a large portion of the city was destroyed, dealt with the threat of the Silver Banshee away from the public's eye, fought Simon Tyccho again away from the observation of other people and then been misled by H'el to want to rebuild Krypton.  The reader knows that she is a hero perhaps, but why would anyone else?  From a certain standpoint she could be seen as a willfully destructive superhuman with only her own interest at heart.  I get what the writers would going for, but it was mostly pretty sloppy writing for a character that has not been formly established yet.  

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i think kara is still finding herself and were she belongs.

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