How is the current run ?

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Just wondering cause I might pick it up

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@z3ro180: It's alright, nothing too special. Her anger that she had all throughout the New 52 is just gone, though I guess it makes sense since she came to terms after removing the Red Lantern Ring. Anyways, the comics are starting to drift into a closer territory that the show has, not completely, but enough to see the similarities.

The plots aren't all that interesting so far, and the interaction with characters aren't anything exceptional, but it's a fine book to read if you want to pass the time. As you may know, she was extremely angry throughout the New 52, going through a lot of grief. I'd say in this current run, she's clearly moved passed denial, anger, and bargaining, and is currently dealing with accepting her position. She has moments of depression, it's not like it's consumed her, but it's there. I like how the run shows that and is starting to explore her finally growing more and more into herself.

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It's okay, but I feel like its quality is improving slowly. Not many people seem to talk about the character. I chalk it partly up to the art which is mediocre in my opinion. Once she gets a new artist, hopefully she will get more followers.

Off topic : Why isn't there a Supergirl respect thread? She has some pretty impressive feats in her rebirth run.

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It's good right now.

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Kara is going to get a power upgrade according to October solicitations.

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Does anyone have a not expensive way to get her current Stanley "Artgerm" Lau variant cover run? My local comic shop doesn't order them, online shops I've found sell out, and second hand market is silly with issues going for 3-4x cover price already.

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