How accurate is Supergirl TV show to the comics?

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is she badass on the show?

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@thorson said:

is she badass on the show?

No no no lol

She's portrayed so much like Superman. By that I mean she's portrayed as the girl scout. She's not anything like the New 52 version that was full of anger and confusion, nor was she like her 2005 version that was always in the moment and never not growing, with a younger mentality.

Granted, that's not to say the show is bad. It just doesn't follow her comic characterization in my opinion aside from moments now and then. The first season of the show was terrible in my opinion, and I only think it's moderately okay in the current season

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Kara Zor-El was never an adult in the comics (I think Matrix Supergirl was because she was doing Lex). Power Girl was always the adult (though alternate universe version) of Kara.

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In the show she's basically a female Superman, with her own reporter job, female Lex Luthor, and lovable dork attitude. I think that's what the writers intended honestly, so can't really fault them for it. But no, it's not comic Supergirl.

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