Get a Behind the Scenes Look at the First Day of Production on 'Supergirl'

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The first day of production for the new CBS series Supergirl is underway and been chronicled as well. The official Supergirl account tweeted out this video which talks to Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, David Harewood, who plays Hank Henshaw, and Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex Danvers on the new series. See what the cast had to say about the first day below!

Make sure to check out our interview with the cast of Supergirl from San Diego Comic Con and check out Supergirl on CBS when it airs on October 26.

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Man, she looks good in that suit.

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Looks like it's from the second episode rather than the pilot.

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She's adorable

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She reminds me of Blake lively

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She is looking good

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She looks good and will be an awesome supergirl

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Looks ok, but she doesn't look like someone who's been working out to get in shape.

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She is so cute!

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lost interest when i saw how overboard they went with the feminism on this show

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I'm in love with this actress. <3

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@teerack: take a hike, Romeo. She's mine!!!

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Hm...a scientist who becomes a villain testing a hero's powers...

All cynicism aside, really excited to this series!

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I really want this to be good, But from what I've seen, I don't have a lot of confidence in it. But I will be trying it out.

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I predict that CBS will cancel it within first season if not sooner.

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I am honestly excited about this show. I have always liked the look of Benoist as Supergirl. I was surprised at some of the initial negative reactions. She looks great, and the tone of the show appears to be correct for a Supergirl show. Much less dour and serious than what her cousin is dealing with on the silver screen.

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@captainmarvel4ever: i love Supergirl when she's an actual character with her own flaws and personal issues, not a walking political statement about how women are so superior in every possible way

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@amazingwebhead: That's bull spit and you know it. I wanna say something meaningful, but really all I can say is grow up, enjoy the show, and be happy for Supergirl.

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lost interest when i saw how overboard they went with the feminism on this show

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