Four Biggest Ways DC's 'The New 52' Has Changed Supergirl

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@DEGRAAF said:

We still dont know if she had simulated yellow sun in her ship and so far she has been shown to be strong, resistant to temperatures, and have heat vision. I dont think they showed her more powerful then Kal and they showed her running but not super humanly fast. She even got hit but one of the shots while running. I dont think they portrayed her at all being more powerful than Kal.

Agreed, and the comparison was to ACTION COMICS SUPERMAN, and not JUSTICE LEAGUE SUPERMAN.

I'm sure that JLA Superman is more powerful.

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Huh, it's a little strange to me seeing her without pants considering how her boots/shoes look...

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well i really liked the issue, but i will admit, i liked her Superman/Batman origin better, her appearing naked and in Gotham was just stunning 

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@WobblySnake: Yeah, given the body armor thing I see the need -- I just was sad to see the Kent's ONE CONTRIBUTION to the Super legacy disappear.

BTW your name is awesome...!

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@darth_brendroid said:

@Cervantes: Hasn't it been suggested in some stories that Superman's symbol is Kryptonian in origin? If so it might make sense that, as Kal El's cousin, she'd share his family crest on Krypton. Besides, Superman #1 comes out soon so we might get answers about his new suit. His costume in Action Comics is just a T-shirt and pants really; just the sort of thing he might have had made by Martha.

Also, seeing as DC's in a Silver Age mode atm, didn't her parents send her in a Super-ish costume anyway so he'd recognise her partly way back in the good ol' 50's (or was it early 60's)? I do agree the boots should probably be changed, and I think Kara could have kept the skirt, but otherwise I think it's an okay costume.

Absolutely right - this avoided the "You wear a big 'S' on your chest so people will call you 'Superman[or Supergirl]?! What a narcissist!" issue: it's just the family crest and people later ascribed names to him taking off from the S they saw.

Yeah, agree with the second part, boots - yes, skirt - yes I liked it too (definitely better than this weird gold-foiled dealie), and the leotard aspect is cool but the cape collar is OUTTA CONTROL! :P

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In response to the powers question I believe I have an answer. How old was Kal when he left Krypton? An infant, right? Whereas Kara left after she had already practically become an adult. So, if you take the fact that while Kal has spent most of life under the yellow sun Kara has not. Therefore Kal's red sun heritage has allowed him to slowly charge, but Kara gets a quick jump start from the sun since it is so radically different from what she grew up with.

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