First Look at Iddo Goldberg as Red Tornado on 'Supergirl'

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#101 Posted by Mrnoital (8225 posts) - - Show Bio

looking forward to seeing the finished version

but I am surprised so many people can't see they'll be adding CG

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#102 Posted by the_stegman (40355 posts) - - Show Bio

@mrnoital: People reeeeally like to hate on DC shows.

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#103 Posted by Mrnoital (8225 posts) - - Show Bio

@the_stegman: people do love to spew hate about things that they know almost nothing about

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#104 Posted by buttersdaman000 (22927 posts) - - Show Bio

Ew lol

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#105 Edited by mangakid1995 (609 posts) - - Show Bio

You would think after Marvel pulled of Vision so well that it would be easy to pull Red Tornado but I guess DC TV doesn't have the money to do it right. That being said if I've learned one thing from Tokusatsu and american shows like Arrow its the fact that you can't judge a costume based on 1 still image so I'm looking forward to seeing that on the show.

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#106 Posted by Teerack (10703 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks awful.

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#107 Posted by Hiddenlight (3749 posts) - - Show Bio

Guy's, I'm sorry, but just like Marvel's Black Panther, this guy doesn't have the CGI movement capture dots, so he will probably end just like this.

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#108 Edited by UltimateSMfan (2377 posts) - - Show Bio


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#109 Posted by Banes_cat (23 posts) - - Show Bio

@artisticneedham: Agreed! Translating from ink to live action is not always easy. The only other way would be a full CGI person and that is likely too expensive for television.

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#110 Posted by TubbyLumpkins (55 posts) - - Show Bio

Kinda sucks that this show will prob get around 10 million views but probably wont be rated high but flash and arrow will never surpass 5 million

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#111 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2730 posts) - - Show Bio

@hiddenlight: But there still isn't the dramatic lighting or camera movement (or resolution seen through the camera lens), or sound effects, or CGI touches (small but possibly will be added). This is just the costume. In the Flash the images of the Reverse Flash came out untouched and those images were during the day and a normal guy in a suit and turned out to be during a scene at night with the guy semi blurry in dramatic lighting and surround with electricity and such.

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Same with the Flash costume. The first leaked images were not reseved well. But they were untouched and unedited.

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No Caption Provided

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#112 Posted by Uncanny_XFactor (921 posts) - - Show Bio
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#113 Posted by Thunderscream (2606 posts) - - Show Bio

If the character's name has RED in it, for Krypton's sake, make him RED. This is his long lost cousin, Maroon Typhoon.

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#114 Posted by Surza7 (353 posts) - - Show Bio

can not wait to see Red Tornado in action really like how the face looks ,and just like reverse Flash special effects will help it tremendously.

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#115 Edited by supshirtz (7 posts) - - Show Bio
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We all know that live-action androids rarely ever live up to standards, especially when we see stills like this one where all I see is Paul Bettany with a costume and makeup on. We didn't get to see enough of him in AOU, so maybe DC will make Red Tornado more of a lasting character.

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#116 Posted by StormShadow_X (17095 posts) - - Show Bio


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#117 Posted by StormShadow_X (17095 posts) - - Show Bio
@captain13 said:

Every time the MCU incorporates a new hero, DCTV does an analogue.

Atom was Iron Man, then became Iron Man crossed with Ant-Man when Ant-Man came out.

Legends of Tomorrow is TV Avengers.

Now we have DCTV's Vision.

Yeah I've noticed it to not sure if they are openly trying to do that or not but it's a little weird how Marvel will put out a character or announce a character then DC isn't far behind to put out a close counterpart to said character.

Hawkeye --> Green Arrow

Quicksilver --> Flash

Ant-Man --> Atom

Black Panther --> Vixen

Vision --> Red Tornado

The only one I can think of going the opposite is Mockingbird in Agents of SHIELD but she isn't even with Hawkeye. Maybe Daredevil for Batman but Batman has been getting movies for years so I really doubt that had any effect on the show.

I doubt it's happening on purpose but man it's just weird that out of all the characters both companies have they're picking the ones most similar to the opposition. Just weird.

Is Vixen really Panther?

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#118 Posted by FearTheLiving (8837 posts) - - Show Bio

@stormshadow_x: Huh? Not an exact match but in terms of both being African, dark skinned, rich, feral characters who get their powers from worshiped idols in their respected lands. Personally White Tiger would be a better match up in my opinion but Black Panther is a decent enough counterpart much in the same way another user was arguing Doctor Strange and Constantine.

That being said for all I know they'll end up being completely different what with Black Panther not showing up yet and I only having seen one of the 5 minute episodes of Vixen. Again just thought it was a funny thing nothing to really take to heart or anything.

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#119 Posted by GolDEnsPectre (93 posts) - - Show Bio


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#120 Posted by Knightsofdarkness2 (8155 posts) - - Show Bio

This is beyond awful.

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#121 Edited by EarthsMightiest (2765 posts) - - Show Bio

Is that Lord Zedd's son???

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#122 Posted by AmbushSatyr (36 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow...If you google red tornado cosplay, every image will be better than this. It would actually look really good if they cgi'd the face, but there is no dots or anything on the face that would indicate they are doing so. Perhaps he is getting a mask?

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#123 Posted by Doc-Holiday (3850 posts) - - Show Bio this a failed power ranger villain?

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#124 Posted by blackkitty (449 posts) - - Show Bio

So... they painted his face red, gave him a helmet and dressed him in a dime store costume... wow... yeah... go go gadget CGI

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#125 Edited by papad1992 (7025 posts) - - Show Bio

Um.... it's the red Ivan Ooze!!

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#126 Posted by sasquatch888 (716 posts) - - Show Bio

im sorry people are going to try to defend this costume but it looks horrible

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#127 Posted by EdBlank (1480 posts) - - Show Bio

This "ultra textured superhero costume" thing has just gone way too far. The textures are not cool looking like some of the updated versions of the classic spandex (like Spidey was cool looking. Super was not horrible etc). But on a ROBOT.... BURLAP makes no sense on top of not being a cool looking texture period.

I never understand what androids are supposed to be. Like Terminator: a robot with actual flesh? A really convincing synthetic material as flesh? But this looks like a regular dude with clown makeup.

One star.

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#128 Posted by DEGRAAF (8425 posts) - - Show Bio

@artisticneedham: Yeah that really bothered me when they brought on Cyborg on on Smallville. They could have come up with some kind of covers for his face and arms or chest to look metal rather then a crappy vest and shirt.

He looks stupid.

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#129 Edited by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (9126 posts) - - Show Bio

Lmfao at people defending this garbage. If the Vision took a shit and molded it, it would look like this.

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#130 Posted by luciferjonez (210 posts) - - Show Bio

This is up there with the god awful diggle/magneto helmet. Don't they have to pass this by DC for concept approval? Is DC so laced that they can't keep on top of their properties and how they're portrayed?

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#131 Posted by Sachmoo (2500 posts) - - Show Bio

CGI to the rescue!!!!!

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#132 Posted by redbird3rdboywonder (7157 posts) - - Show Bio

He looks like Ivan Ooze painted red

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#133 Posted by Cloakx14 (9136 posts) - - Show Bio

he looks alright.

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#134 Posted by bigsoto74 (332 posts) - - Show Bio

They could have put the "T" on a trash can and it would look better.

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#135 Posted by Notathug78 (162 posts) - - Show Bio
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