educate me on supergirl

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Give me things about supergirl that I had know idea about like at the moment I just found out supergirl smokes. Interesting very interesting I said to my self so tell me thing I had know idea about supergirl

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oh and try to interest me on whatever you bring up like things that will make look at her in a new light (i only wacthed the cartoon)

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That is just a writer decision next time the writer's for Supergirl changes hands you will probably never see her again with a smoke ever!

Stuff like smoking, gambling, exact age and so on is almost always at a writers discretion though it may also be the main penciler and will change sometimes with writers or artists!

Try downloading or buying the Superman/Batman comics between issues #8 to #13 from 2004 and/or any Supergirl comics from 2005 to 2011 (preferred) or from 2012 to now 2013. The New 52's Supergirl a yet again another reboot of Character's History's and the entire DC Universe as a Whole just ten years after the last one!

Supergirl smokes in the 2007 comic issues not sure about 2006 or 2008 though!

Please message me if you want more exact details or just discussion!

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@awar: okaaaay...i just heard things about about her that im still trying to find out if there true

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