Confused as hell about Supergirl's death.

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I've just recently finished reading "Crisis on Infinite earths". After reading it, I've been doing research on Kara and her "death" and "reboot". Did the Pre-crisis Kara EVER Existed at all in the Post-crisis continuity?!? I've gotten a lot of different answers for this (it was a different Kara. Pre-crisis Kara never existed). So did her death existed or not? Was it a different Kara? If so did anyone tell the Post-crisis Kara that they're was another Kara/Supergirl before her? This whole thing has been all hell broken lose for me.

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The supergirl that died was the matrix super girl the after that supegirl had a reboot and that how we got the Linda supergirl.

correct me if im wrong

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