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Superstar writer Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) and the red-hot art team of Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund join forces to deliver the adventures of Superman's cousin from Krypton, the one and only Kara Zor-el! Spinning out of the megapopular hit SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SUPERGIRL, this volume collecting SUPERGIRL #0-5 tells the story of Supergirl's whirlwind tour of the DCU! Along the way, she encounters the JSA, the Teen Titans, the Outsiders, and the JLA — but will she be an ally or enemy to the world's heroes?


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Pleasantly Surprised 0

I've never really viewed Supergirl as an "important" character before so I wasn't expecting much from her story, but I really enjoyed learning more about her background. There was quite a bit in here that I didn't know about her before.One thing I had mixed feeling about were the appearances of so many other superheroes and villains. On one hand it was great to see all those familiar faces, but at the same time none of them get to have much of a role in the story. I think it would have been bett...

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Supergirl Finding Her Place 0

The Story:Under the guidance and watchful eyes of Superman and Batman, Supergirl continues her training. She teams up with several different heroes attempting to prove her worth and eventually comes across Lex Luthor who has devised a plan in which he uses Black Kryptonite against her. The effects were the unleashing of a "dark" version of Supergirl who wreaks havoc.  My Thoughts: After reviving the Supergirl character in the Superman/Batman series, writer Jeph Loeb continues to introduce her ch...

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Had potential to be more than this 0

Originally written 10-2-11After surviving her battle with Darkseid and spending a little bit more time under Wonder Woman's wing. Supergirl believes she's ready to take on the responsibilities of being a superhero on her own. To her chagrin, Superman and Batman are constantly monitoring her movements, but she has reason to believe they aren't the only ones watching. In addition, she feels completely out of place, and she decides to seek out advice from super beings around her age. -summaryJeph L...

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