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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 2006.

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    Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes

    Starring: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Continued from and in: Legion of Super-Heroes (Vol. 5)

    This story takes place between trades #5 and #6 of Supergirl (Vol. 5)

    Writers (2)

    Pencillers (4)

    Collected Editions

    Saturn Girl scans Supergirl's mind to find out what has happened to her and sees glimpse of the zeta-beam. The Legion hypothesized that due to her suspended animation and all the trauma she has gone through that she has made herself believe that the 31st century is a dream. Another complicated matter is that whenever Kara wants something, she automatically gets it. For example, she could not be an official member of the Legion of Superheroes but when she said she wanted a flight ring, Brainiac 5 sends a ring to her.

    Her supposed dream world was shattered and in shambles when the very same Brainiac, concerned about the effects of a super powered being like her slipping in madness, exposed her to green Kryptonite, sedated her and left in care of Kandorian scientists in the enlarged Rokin/New Krypton Kandor City to be "re-educated" on the uses of the last Kryptonians (with even language changed in a thousand years, Kara couldn't even be an effective member of Rokin society, thus making her an outcast again), and her "romance" with Cosmic Boy was dismissed as the side-effect of the residual zeta-beam radiation affecting the young boy's body chemistry.


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