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what the hell is going on? this was only the 9th issue and everyone was acting like she had been here for years. i get the whole 1 year later thing but still. and what was the last story arc about? where were they? did they just leave all those people to be ruled or killed? and the incest thing? how did she get her own appartment? how did she and cassie become friends? since when is she friends with bruce? why is she a skank? after she got the tattoo a couple of issues ago ( what the fuck was that?) she was just walking around topless. there are more things that dont make sense as well. i only started reading this so i could get cought up and then read the new krypton story but now i will need to get cought up on this, and who knows what else. this is the very defenition of how not to make a comic and why people hate events. its a good thing dc relaunched because there continuity was a complete state. one more thing, did her dad send her to kill clark or protect him?

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