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Supergirl #7 Review

Supergirl #7 Review


Supergirl fights the Worldkillers in New York City

The Good:

This issue was heavy on the action. It was one big fight watching Supergirl fight four others who had abilities on par with her own. While there was a lot of action, the dialogue and thoughts were very natural and well placed, one very interesting thing was that all of the dialogue in Kryptonian. This issue gives the basic origins of the Worldkillers and their motivations for attacking while it is rather standard, there is much room to elaborate and add twists. Overall as enemies the Worldkillers are pretty cool and they are not totally evil and there may or may not be a team up somewhere down the line. The art in this series is amazing. Mahmud Asrar is able to capture the emotion on each characters face quite well and the back ground and attention to detail is very good, I especially liked the last page.

This issue also separates Supergirls powers from Superman and Superboy somewhat. **Minor Spoilers!** During the fight Supergirl is able to surprise Deimax by releasing the energy she absorbed from the Sun. While it was drawn like an explosion it only burned Deimax and threw her several feet, I don’t know if it was just radiation or an actual explosion as I have never heard of a Kryptonian doing this but it was a cool way to separate her from the rest of the Super-family **End Spoilers**

The Bad:

Nothing bad here, the whole issue was excelent. The only problem I had was a nit-picky one, when drawn “at distance” Reign’s face looked weird but I believe it was because she has black eyes so shadows across her face make it look weird but honestly this is no big deal.


I loved this issue and Supergirl is rapidly becoming one of my favorite titles in the New(ish) 52. If you aren’t reading this, correct that mistake.

5 out of 5

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