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This Emotional Supergirl Starts to Wear Thin

Part two of Candor begins and our secret Supergirl and her chum are ready for an epic showdown with non other than the terrible dictator Superman himself.

This story is going way better for me than the first story line that happened in this Supergirl comic, mainly because I think I am slowly getting comfortable with the character of Supergirl and am not overwhelmed by a zillion different heroes appearing in every issue. The series is slowly starting to develop Supergirl and give her a little bit of her troubled past (usually in flashbacks). However, that being said, she's still an annoying 'the world is against me' seventeen year old... and that gets old pretty fast so I hope she matures at a super rate!

This is a prety good series, although the stupid kiss was a retarded thing to do. I can't stand that crap. Did you ever see Superman just swoop down on his foe and kiss them passionately? Why do they have to do that with female characters? It has it's place, but I don't feel that way with Supergirl. She's gotta be a tough crime fighter like the men. I'll let it pass because she's still young.

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