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"Seems such a long time ago."

Synopsis: Now that Dubbilex's been revealed, can Supergirl stop him and save her friends?

What's Good?

I could say that I'm glad that Good Looking Corpse is over and be done with it, but the conclusion did have some positives. From the start of this storyline, Kara already established that she's not her cousin. She outsmarts Dubbilex thanks to her friends (or at least one of her friends). If anything, Good Looking Corpse establishes that she has potential to be a great leader.

Benard Chang's artwork is still the best thing going for this story, and for the conclusion he brings out his best. His spreads and one page artwork look amazing. Again, I think it's awesome seeing Kara sitting in midair while talking to Lois.

What's Bad?

After everything that went on, I felt that overall plot was lost. It really seems a long time ago with the app device. James Peaty tries to put all the pieces from the last couples of issues together in order for readers to understand Dubbilex's motivations, but it doesn't work. Dubbilex however, has potential to be a great villain for Supergirl in the future if possible.

And you can't really say that Kara defeated the villain. After all, it was Miss Martian who did most of the work. I don't mind seeing Miss Martian making appearances in other teenage superhero comics (since she's not with the Teen Titans (speaking of which, isn't she supposed to be in a coma?)), but don't forget who's the main character in the series. Robin and Blue Beetle were pretty useless as the story went by.

Overall: Good-Looking Corpse is one of Supergirl's least memorable story having some bumps along the way. While Benard Chang's artwork was easily the highlight of event, the story struggled a bit possibly because of Nick Spencer leaving. Kelly Sue Deconnick is the writer for the next issue, and seeing how did a fantastic job with the mini-series, Osborn, I'm excited.

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