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Supergirl is more tense then Robin



I really do not love the art for the cover but even though I do not love the art for the cover it is better then the art in the issue. So, I would say that is bad news for the art in the issue.


Alex is hunting for teen heroes and wants to terminate them and Supergirl, Blue Beetle, and Robin are trying to stop him. Miss Martian also tries to help but Alex ends up being more powerful and she loses until Supergirl comes to the rescue but is a little over her head.

Best Part

The only thing I really liked in this issue was that Blue Beetle. Miss Martian, and Robin made an appearance in it.

Worst Part

I feel like this story arc can have so much potential. I think it would be cool to have all the teen heroes fight this villain but it does not seem like it is going that way. So, far this villain really does not interest me. I think I took the last creative team for granted because I always wanted more but now that they are gone I want them back so badly because this series had so much more higher quality with old creative team. This story really feels likes it is going no were. Also it does not seem like Kara would act like this. She is more of a free spirit and she is tense now and in this issue she seems more tense then Robin and that really does not sit well with me.


I really hate this art. It makes Supergirl looks old. She is a teenager she is meant to look like one. The other characters in this issue was not drawn that well either. The only characters I liked that was drawn in this issue was Miss Martian and Lois Lane.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!!!

1 ½ out of 5

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