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The Day I Needed Supergirl by Cat Grant



I do not really like the cover at all it looks like they are tapped to the wall because they are so still. I just thought it could be better.  


Dollmaker has Cat captive and tells his life story to her. He then turns around and says that he wants Cat as his mother. Supergirl goes out to look for Cat on Christmas Eve of all days. Lois goes to meet with her sister and tells Lucy that she has changed. Lois wants her old sister back and hates the monster that Lucy has become. Back with Cat and the Dollmaker Cat calls for Supergirl and Supergirl comes flying in. Supergirl beats the Dollmaker and saves the children and Cat. Supergirl then comes home to celebrate Christmas with her family and Lois tells what Cat wrote about Supergirl and the title of Cat’s article is “The Day I needed Supergirl.”

Best Part

I really loved the scene with Lois and Lucy because you can see a real bond and at the same time a real bond being broken. I liked how Lois described Lucy and I think Lucy in the end finally realizes she really did turn into a monster. Another great part of this issue was the ending narration with Supergirl. I thought what she said was really great and really describes her journey so far. Another great thing is Cat’s article I thought that was great because I think that was kind of hard for Cat to do.

Worst Part

From last issue I have not liked the Dollmaker and telling his origins usually makes you understand and like a character. But I still do not like Dollmaker I just think he is a stupid villain.


The art is not bad but I am not in love with it. I have seen Supergirl drawn better then this.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

3 ½ out of 5       

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