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Showdown at Bizarro World! How can the Girl of Steel defeat a threat that has already taken down an entire planet of Bizarros? And what about BizarroGirl – can Supergirl trust her twisted mirror self to help out? Well, if Bizarros are opposites, and Supergirl is noble, brave and heroic… uh … good luck defeating the monstrous intergalactic foe by yourself, Kara!

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This Am the Way... 0

I'm not a huge fan of any of the Super(insert name here) titles.  I happened to pick up (by my daughters request) the first issue in the Bizarro tale.  I liked that issue enough that I've read all of them so far in this story line.  I have really enjoyed them.  Supergirl is not who I expected her to be.  I guess I just expected her to be a female version of the goody-goody Superman.  Well, I was mistaken.  Although she's Kryptonian, she's very human and faces a lot of the issues that we face.  I...

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War on Bizarro World 0

With the help of Bizarro and Bizarro girl, Kara goes to war with the "Godship".  Pros: I found myself laughing at the bizarro versions of most of the Justice League getting annihilated by the "Godship" (Also laughing at what bizarro Red Arrow having dead cats instead of arrows (Along with his cybernetic arm?)). This entire arc was about Kara getting her confidence back after what happened with War on Krypton with some help thanks to Bizarrogirl (and with some help from Superman). Interesting eno...

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