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The cover is really cool... I just looked at a while before I finally got it.  It's a yin-yang, very cool.  All of a sudden, it just dawned on me... "Hey, that's really cool".  And it makes sense, they are supposed to be opposites of each other.  The cover alone is almost worth the purchase.
The story is good and continues the plot that's been going on for a couple of issues now.  On a whim, I picked up issue #54.  Mostly at the urging of my daughter who wanted to read Supergirl.  I bought it under one condition, that I got to read it first to make sure it was appropriate for her.  Unfortunately, I didn't feel it was appropriate for my young daughter.  But on the bright side, I did enjoy the story myself.  Never been a big fan of any of the "Super" stories.  Just never appealed to me... but that's a story for another day.  On the upside, this story did appeal to me.  I did enjoy it... alot.  I like who this story is developing and how Supergirl is now out to help Bizzarogirl... and not just Bizzarogirl in this case, but all of Bizzaroworld.  
The artwork is cool here... how they make a nice contrast between Supergirl (bright colors) and then everything/everybody on bizzaroworld (drab colors).  Yet, the drabness is well drawn and has subtle color to it.  Very nicely done in my book.
The story is good to, how they are working together to figure out this threat to their world.  
I'm interested to see how they figure out how to defeat this invader to the Bizzaroworld and will continue to pick up this title.  Who knows, they make make a Supergirl fan out of me yet.  Not on my pull list yet, but you never know.
Pick this one up and go back to issue #54 and start from there.

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