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Review: Supergirl #55 0

Supergirl battles Bizarro Supergirl! Yes, that's pretty much the whole issue.  The Good Me hate this book! Get it? It's Bizarro speak. That means I love it. The whole issue is Supergirl battling it out with Bizarro Supergirl, and it's awesome. It never gets dull, although there's a very very small lull as we get a peak into the Daily Planet with Cat and Perry, but even that is still good stuff. My favorite part about this is the fact it kinda ties-in with the Escape from Bizarro World story...

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Review: Supergirl #55 0

The Story Supergirl and her twisted Bizarro doppelganger clash in a all out battle!! Oh yeah and there's some other stuff too. :) The Good  Let's see where should I start... How about the intense battle between Supergirl and her Bizarro double? It take place for a majority of the issue, but it really is a fluidic conflict and it totally keeps you captivated throughout. Secondly, the look at Bizarrogirl's origin in regards to how she got to earth and the planet Htrae was so solid ...

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"I am ugly" -Bizzaro girl 1

  Cover The cover is cool and I kind of like the mirror fragments on the cover. Story Bizzaro #1 sends Bizzaro girl to earth. Bizzaro girl keeps saying that she is ugly in Supergirl’s statue form but, that means she is beautiful. Right as Bizzaro girl is going to kill Jimmy Supergirl punches Bizzaro girl. Supergirl was able to vibrate herself out of the stone it was something Flash taught her. Back at the Daily planet Perry wants Lois back and Cat wants to ask Perry a question but, has to wait i...

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Supergirl vs Bizzaro Supergirl 1

The battle between Supergirl and Bizzaro Supergirl contiunes.   Pros:    In the beginning, we get a few pages on how and why Bizzaro Supergirl appeared on Earth. Its pretty funny seeing the different Bizzaro versions of characters such as Lois, Jimmy and Lex (?). After the ending of the last issue that made Supergirl turn into stone, it was interesting how she broke out. The outcome of the fight was predicable, but what happens afterward did surprised me. There's also Cat Grant who contiunes to ...

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Not as Super as I'd Hope 0

First and Foremost I'd like to say that I haven't read Supergirl for a while.  But I guess this wasn't the issue to return with.  The cover by Amy Reeder Hadley is wonderful.  But the art within is pretty terrible at times.  The dialog from the Bizarro stuff is absolutely terrible.  Bizarro speech is supposed to be opposite.  The writers acknowledge this here and there but over all they ignore it.  Perhaps for coherence but it is still jarring when it pops up after they've ignored it overall.  A...

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Supergirl #55: Entering Bizarro Supergirl! 0

"No One Gets To Chew On That Photographer Except His Editor!" - Supergirl. Enter: Bizarro Supergirl! After leaving the dying (or alive) planet of Bizarro world, Bizarro (and friends) are still on bizarro world fighting some kind of threat. Before this happened, Bizarro #1 sent his cousin to earth (the real earth), for some reason. Now Bizarro Supergirl is making havoc in the fair city of Metropolis. With Superman on his walk (which you should know from the "Grounded" story arc), it's up to ...

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Return to Bizarro World! 0

Supergirl not a fun book, and Sterling Gates nor Jamal Igle haven't done a great job  revitalizing the character! April Fools! That, or it's Bizarro-Girl writing that!  Story In the beginning, we start with a flashback to Bizarro World. Bizarro plans to ship himslf, and his cousin, Bizarro-Girl to Earth. He is detred by Bizarro Jimmy Olsen, and Bizarro Lois Lane, who manage to stop Bizarro from leaving, but not the rocket containing Bizarro Girl to be sent to Earth. We cut back to present time, ...

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Bizarro Party 0

Thanks to The   *Girl of Steel*’s Review, I had to pick this one up! It sounded like it was going to be a winner, and it was! It Starts out at Bizarro World. Something called the Godship is destroying Bizarro World! Bizarro tries to leave, but Bizarro Lois wont let him. However, Bizarrogirl is sent away in a rocket to earth. Boom! Supergirl smacks Bizarrogirl with a stone statue! The fight is amazing! But why does it have to end like that?! I LOVED this comic! The fight was most of the comic, b...

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