Supergirl #55

    Supergirl » Supergirl #55 - Fakeouts released by DC Comics on October 2010.

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    Enter: Bizarro Supergirl! But how did she get to Earth and just what does she want? The real Supergirl better find out fast, or else there won't be much left of Metropolis to save! And to make things worse, an even bigger threat looms on the horizon with an eye for the Girl of Steel! Featuring the stunning debut of new regular cover artist Amy Reeder (MADAME XANADU)!

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    Review: Supergirl #55 0

    Supergirl battles Bizarro Supergirl! Yes, that's pretty much the whole issue.  The Good Me hate this book! Get it? It's Bizarro speak. That means I love it. The whole issue is Supergirl battling it out with Bizarro Supergirl, and it's awesome. It never gets dull, although there's a very very small lull as we get a peak into the Daily Planet with Cat and Perry, but even that is still good stuff. My favorite part about this is the fact it kinda ties-in with the Escape from Bizarro World story...

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    Supergirl vs Bizzaro Supergirl 0

    The battle between Supergirl and Bizzaro Supergirl contiunes.   Pros:    In the beginning, we get a few pages on how and why Bizzaro Supergirl appeared on Earth. Its pretty funny seeing the different Bizzaro versions of characters such as Lois, Jimmy and Lex (?). After the ending of the last issue that made Supergirl turn into stone, it was interesting how she broke out. The outcome of the fight was predicable, but what happens afterward did surprised me. There's also Cat Grant who contiunes to ...

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    "I am ugly" -Bizzaro girl 0

      Cover The cover is cool and I kind of like the mirror fragments on the cover. Story Bizzaro #1 sends Bizzaro girl to earth. Bizzaro girl keeps saying that she is ugly in Supergirl’s statue form but, that means she is beautiful. Right as Bizzaro girl is going to kill Jimmy Supergirl punches Bizzaro girl. Supergirl was able to vibrate herself out of the stone it was something Flash taught her. Back at the Daily planet Perry wants Lois back and Cat wants to ask Perry a question but, has to wait i...

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