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    Some Stuff Happens

    You really have to feel for Kara recently, she has had so much to deal with.The death of her father,blaming herself for the death of Lucy Lane (Whoops!) and now having to deal with the prospect of losing Lana to a potentially fatal illness.As if that wasn't enough, in an action figure spawning turn of events,she has now been possessed by the spirits of the McDougals the ancestors of Silver Banshee who are responsible for her cursed existence.  
         The issue actually starts with Lana being rushed to the hospital then cuts to Kara who now looks like Super Banshee facing off against Silver Banshee,hopefully this won't result in the formation of Banshee Corps.I won't give too much away but the fight does have a fairly surprising out come and Inspector Henderson gets to play an active role rather than just being a passive bystander.Henderson is becoming a more fully rounded character and there is a hint in this issue of what plans Gates has for his future.
           When the fight concludes Kara learns what has happened to Lana and flys to the hospital.I'm not going to give away anything about what happens but this section is the real crux of the issue as the story of Lanas illness moves swiftly to its resolution.The ending is a real cliffhanger setting the scene for what promises to be an exciting 50th issue. 
           The art by Matt Camp is sharp and clean,he uses his frame layouts in a clever way to dictate the speed and flow of the action and he can handle the fighting and more emotional scenes with equal skill.The cover is by Joshua Middleton and continues the DC trend for having some of the best covers of the month. 
           If you have been put off buying any of the super books because of that little red diamond on the cover then this issue is perfect for you because the story is fairly self contained and you don't need to have read every issue of the book spanning saga that is New Krypton to understand whats going on.As a comic Supergirl has just been getting better,with one of the more likeable heroines around.My advice,jump on now issue 50 will be a blast and you never know something might actually go right for Kara.        

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