Supergirl #40

    Supergirl » Supergirl #40 - Who is Superwoman? Part Four: Mistakes released by DC Comics on June 1, 2009.

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    Following last issue, Supergirl must decide what to do with a shocking piece of information that casts all of "New Krypton" in a new light! Meanwhile, Lois begins putting together clues regarding the body found in Metropolis Harbor and the strange message it was broadcasting.

    Supergirl is being questioned about Superwoman at the Metropolis Police Precinct # 55, home of the Metropolis metacrimes division. She says that Superwoman was living in Kandor with the rest of the Kryptonians and that she thought she was a friend, but also believes her friend Thara Ak-Var can't be Superwoman because that would mean she helped Reactron murder her father. Then Major Lane comes in and says Superwoman was found at the corner of Malverne and Siegel Avenue. Supergirl hurries off while Lane begins to talk to the inspector about national security and keeping a Kryptonian in his police station. Supergirl flies while thinking about Thara's connection in her father's murder. She soon spots Superwoman and flies toward her but as she does she realizes that the "Superwoman" was just a decoy and then Reactron attacks her and uses Gold Kryptonite on her, taking away her powers temporarily. Supergirl acts quickly and uses her cape to make sure she lands safely just as Reactron comes down and beins to attack again. Meanwhile, Cat Grant and Lana Lang are talking to each other at a party while Jimmy Olsen is flirting with a bunch of girls. Lana tells Cat about how she sometimes worries about niece since her father passed away when suddenly they see something happen through the window. Supergirl is getting attacked by Reactron who tells her the truth about his suit and that the old suit he had was not a piece of space that was fused with him giving him power over it all, but rather a suit to save his life as he's dying and if it wasn't for her, the suit would have saved him from his radiation sickness. But he had managed to get a new suit and he also enjoyed killing her father. Supergirl then attacks him and tells him that she had trained with Batman, and even though she has no powers, she can still defend herself pretty well. As they fight, Supergirl removes the Gold Kryptonite from Reactron and tosses it away. Reactron then disappears while Supergirl starts getting her powers back. She then looks at Superwoman's cape and sees something she never noticed before and realizes who she is and flies off. Then the Inspector is talking to the commissioner over the phone, telling them that he did not feel he was endangering national security by keeping a Kryptonian with him and says he thought she could help him solve a murder and enters a room only to find that part of the room had been destroyed by heat vision. Back at the party, Lana, Cat, and Jimmy are leaving and talking to each other when all of a sudden Lana starts feeling weird and passes out, while the Inspector enters his room cautiously and without realizing Superwoman is right above him. Superwoman then blasts him with heat vision and makes a remark saying he should tell his men there's an intruder in his office. Supergirl then flies into the office and attacks Superwoman angrily and asks why she pretended to be her friend while helping with her father's murder and proceeds to unmask her at the same time, revealing Superwoman to be Major Lane.


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    Supergirl Still Flying High Still Learning the Lessons 0

    First off let me say this... man, did Supergirl ever get shafted.  No, not that kind of shafted, the bad kind.  Earth's leaders abolish all Kryptonians except for Superman?  I know Supergirl's been basically the brat Paris Hilton of superheroes most of this series but it's not like Hilton is a threat and has ever been behind bars... wait bad example.Supergirl is a criminal in the eyes of humanity now.  Alright, well that doesn't faze out favorite superskirt!  She just keeps on plugging away at t...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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