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Adventurous, Intriguing! Enter: new psycho villain

Here is what you will get out of this issue:

  • There is something interesting revealed about the clothing that Supergirl wears in this issue to begin with.
  • You will know that Kara can get really angry at times and can be intelligent at the same time!
  • She escapes her kryptonite-entrapment alright, but it is her wit that really gets her out of the space ship of Tycho at the end.
  • "The Brain" whom Kara fought in the last issue is now somehow recovered as also the ship from last fight between Kara and the Brain.
  • Kara begins to remember & believe what Superman had earlier mentioned and warned about the unknown destructive super powers that comes with this planet's yellow sun.
  • There is this mysterious sun stone that Supergirl gets to know about and everything about this is not yet revealed. This is supposed have come along with the pod that Kara crashed into the earth.
  • The twist at the end is surprising, unexpected and scary. Scary in terms of what holds in future for Supergirl and perhaps Superman as well.
  • Tycho gets a most critical "thing" that he would be wanting in the first place and he believes he has won the battle after all!!!

You would be disappointed with this issue. This is pure adventure and birth of a brand new and can probably mean Trouble with a big T to the Supergirl & Superman.

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