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Supergirl Side of the Moon

The Good: The cover has a very intriguing sort of 'fractured' design to it. It's not like broken glass or anything, but there's a sense of almost... light splintering from a prism, and through a main standard shot of Supergirl, when we put her image through the prism, we see the various plot elements shine around her.
After some disappointing oddness with the art last issue, we return to the quality of the first two issues. There's a few faces that look off, but overall the quality of the art is very smooth.
Again, I'm given an 'Ico' esque sense of innocence in this issue as the moral soldier helps out the Supergirl. Neither of them can communicate with each other, but they can read the emotions of each moment with such striking clarity.
Supergirl is starting to gather her moral compass together, and its interesting to see how she approaches each new experience. She is a teenager, so sometimes her appraoch is just to tune out everyone else, but she is a moral person, and she has experiences on Krypton to compare to.
Tycho manages to set himself apart from Luthor in the way he approaches the turn of events in this issue. Luthor would not come to the same conclusion as Tycho did with the finale. Tycho is surprisingly much more professional than Luthor, and has had some physical changes that will make him quite a threat down the line.
Supergirl is almost back where she began, but now she has the foundation to build herself a status quo.
The Bad: As much as I like some of the stuff that's happened to Supergirl, it doesn't feel like she's come around all that much from her debut. She's learned a little bit, but not enough from her experiences.
Sometimes her thoughts seem a little too deep for her age and situation. She's worrying about whether or not she's a World Killer when she hasn't even fully resolved her feelings about where she is, how she got there, or where her home is.
In Conclusion: 4/5
Supergirl is consistently a very solid book with very few flaws. Everything flows very nicely, and the artwork has a great cartoony quality to it. Supergirl hasn't quite come to terms with her situation, but she's settled down enough to develop the means to start her self discovery.

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