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Supergirl gets a job as a secretary for one of the faculty advisors at Lake Shore University and also has to deal with a villain named Decay who can destroy with a touch in "Decay Day."

Supergirl, "Decay Day."

Supergirl is flying to school having missed her train for her first day at University. It is explained that she is still a bit “pooped” from her battle with Psi the previous day. She hopes to herself that she never has to face Psi again.

She lands at school and quickly puts on her Linda Danvers clothes so she can go to class. The first thing Linda Danvers does when she gets to school is to go see her school advisor to her desired major, Psychology. Her advisor is Dr. Barry Metzner. Dr. Metzner provides Linda with a catalog to help her in organizing her schedule, he also offers her a job to replace his secretary; Linda accepts the job offer.

We now go to a dark alleyway where we see the Decay attacking a homeless person and draining him of life, leaving nothing but the homeless person’s bones on the ground. The Decay walks out of the alleyway.

Linda’s neighbor Johnny Ostrander is accepting a job to deliver a mysterious package for a Mr. Adams of the company Adams, Kyle, and Washburn Associates.

Linda and her friend Joan Raymond leave school after their first day at Lake Shore University. Linda becomes distracted away from Joan’s attention by her super-hearing. She hears a lot of commotion in the distance and uses her super-vision to observe what is happening. She sees the Decay attacking Chicagoans. She snaps into action asking Joan to bring her school books to her apartment; Linda changes into Supergirl and flies to the scene.

The Decay is demonstrating for a group of soldiers who are trying to stop him that he has the power to destroy objects with just a touch, as he says this he touches a large metal beam and it begins to disintegrate. Supergirl arrives and begins her battle with the Decay.

The large brown blob refers to himself as, “The Lord of Decay.” Immediately Supergirl recognizes that the creature that she is fighting must be the thing that Psi was referring to in yesterday’s battle.

Back at Mr. Howard Pendergast’s apartment Gayle Marsh or Psi wakes up it great pain. Psi quickly understands that the pain that she is feeling can only be stopped when the Decay is stopped.

Back at the battle between Supergirl and the Decay; Supergirl quickly recognizes the Decay’s power of destroying objects by touch, and tries to avoid being to excessively touched by him. The battle continues to rage, and Decay exclaims that Supergirl will become the first casualty of his war.

Decay is able to grab a hold of Supergirl’s face as she was flying toward him. Supergirl explains from her mind that Decay’s incredible power is hurting her.

Psi arrives on the scene just in time to save Supergirl from the clutches of the Decay. Psi immediately attacks the Decay, and begins to kill him. Supergirl pleads with Psi to stop her attack, because she is killing him. However, in a blast of light it is shown that Psi was simply restoring Decay back to Mr. Pendergast. After the light fades it is revealed that Psi has disappeared. We end this comic with Supergirl standing next to a defeated Mr. Pendergast.

Lois Lane, “Missy Is Missing."

This Lois Lane short is continued from the last one in Supergirl #2. At the Daily Planet in Metropolis, Lois Lane is trying to convince Perry White of the authenticity of the story that was left on her desk. From the last Lois Lane short we know that the story that was left on Lois’s desk all came true in a newspaper she had read. Jimmy Olsen comes in on the conversation and begins to be scrutinized by Perry and Lois. Perry questions Jimmy whether or not the story was written before it became true.

We are taken with Jamie Gillis to a fashion show. Jamie is impatiently loading her camera and waiting for the teenage model Missy Conrad to come out on the runway. Her mind is distracted from the fashion show to events that happened earlier that morning. She and Mark Spencer are having an argument. She is trying to get Mark’s mind off of his woman rejection problem that he had experience in the previous issue, but she is unsuccessful. She wishes that Mark would have feelings for her.

Jamie’s attention is then turned to Missy Conrad, as she comes out on the runway. After Missy struts her stuff on the runway she walks backstage to her dressing room. On her way there she is heckled by other models backstage. She arrives in her dressing room and sits down at her mirror. She notices a strange shadow that is lurking behind her and becomes very nervous. All of a sudden a hand cups her mouth so she can’t scream. Once she promises not to scream, she is able to turn around. As she turns around a bright smile comes across her face as she calls out, “Daddy.”

Missy tells her Father that her Mother refused to tell her where he was. Her Mother was afraid that if Missy knew where her Father was that she would have ran away to him. Missy gets into her bag and pulls out a letter and tells her Father that she frequently wrote letters to him knowing that they would never get to him. He read the letter out loud, they both tearfully embrace. Missy’s Father exclaims that her letter arrived after all.

An announcer walks onto the runway and apologizes that Missy Conrad has not continued to walk down the runway, and explains that Missy has disappeared. Jamie Gillis immediately calls the Planet and tells Perry White about the developments, he tells Jamie that he is sending Lois to meet her there.

Lois questions the inspector that is on the scene and asks him if there has been a ransom yet, the inspector explains that there could be a ransom soon or a dead end. Lois notices a camera in the hands of Jamie Gillis and tells her that they have to find a dark room to develop the pictures to see if there is any sort of evidence that could be helpful.

While developing film and pictures, Lois notices a familiar face. She knows that the person that she sees is an actor, but his name escapes her. She takes the picture to Jack Riley a movie editor. Jack tells Lois that the actor in the picture is Steve Conrad, Missy Conrad’s Father. Jack tells Lois that Steve Conrad hasn’t seen his daughter Missy since she was six, after her parents got a divorce. She asks Jack if there is an address for Steve Conrad.

She is at an old rundown apartment searching for Steve Conrad. As she knocks on a door she notices that there is an argument going on from the other side. A man is telling Steve Conrad that he never paid back his loan and that his boss is going to be very upset. He then states that Steve has some interesting collateral. Steve tells the man to not take his daughter. The other man tells him that now that they have his daughter they really don’t need him anymore. The man opens the front door and notices Lois Lane running away from the door. The man tells Steve that they have to get Lois before she blows the whole thing.

Continued in Supergirl #4.

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