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Supergirl's impossible quest leads her to break a criminal out of jail and force him to plumb the secrets of recurring life. But while her aim may be true, her grasp of the situation is less so, leading her into battle with a deadly new foe!

Kara visits the boy she promised she'd save in the hospital while he's sleeping. She takes a few strands of hair to give Dr. Luzano a DNA sample. When she returns to their temporary base, she finds Luzano and the Resurrection Man bickering as Luzano was about to stick him with a needle while he was sleeping. Luzano tells Supergirl that the nanomachines he's built is easy. The hard part is tailoring them to the boy's genetic code.

Resurrection Man expresses his concern over allowing Luzano to work. Supergirl says that maybe he's not trusted because he never had the chance to prove himself.

After Kara finishes covering their place in lead (so Superman can't find them), she asks Resurrection Man why he isn't the happiest man alive since he can't die. He hesitates to answer then says Luzano is up to something. They check on him and Resurrection Man points out that Luzano's used the nanotech on himself. Luzano tells him to shut up and blasts him with some implants he's created. He also has the strength to punch Supergirl through a wall. Supergirl isn't too happy that he used all this time to help himself rather than saving the boy. She starts letting loose on him until Resurrection Man comes to. He tells Luzano to stops and tries blasting him. It turns out he now has developed the power to heal.

Supergirl realizes that if Resurrection Man dies now, he'll have a power other than healing. Luzano makes a move towards him and Kara hits him with her heat vision. She apologizes and punches him through his stomach. With all the work he's done to himself, he survives but is out of commission. She picks up R-Man and blasts a hole in the ceiling saying Superman will arrive for him.

In the air, Superman finds them immediately. She tells him she has to do this. Resurrection Man should be able to save the boy now. Superman says it won't work. The boy is dead.



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