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    The All-New Girl of Tomorrow

    I believe I can say this is the story I've been waiting from Supergirl since her fall on Gotham in Superman/Batman 8.

    It's not only about the story concept. Allgthout I never read a story where a superhero fight something he can't punch or trow at the jail, and I like it.

    But the best part is that Supergirl is now more interesting. In this issue, and some before, she seams to have a more curious mind, definitely less dramatic, and with a lot more of initiative. Kara's more active, less "emo". I also find it very good that she's finally standing up for something. It's always better to a have a Supergirl with the mission to cure cancer, than one with the mission to kill Superman. (Who came up with that crap anyway?)

    The bottom line is: this is a Supergirl who stands up for what she believes is right!

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      Supergirl's quick trip to the future in the previous issue I think has ignited a spark. I don't know what that futuristic assassin was trying to accomplish by killing Supergirl, but I think it had an opposite effect. If he never tried to kill Supergirl, I really don't think she'd all of a sudden be on this mission, or seem so driven all of a sudden.Instead of saving people one at a time why not save billions? Supergirl wants to cure cancer and has enlisted Resurrection Man and a nano-scientis...

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      It's not that the story is bad, it's just that even after all this time Supergirl is portrayed a little "retarded" - in the clinical sense. She's so childlike and except for the moments where she's rebellious, she just seems rather immature for the "earth-age" of about 16 that she's supposed to be.What I do look forward to - if I continue to read this series - is that DC promises consistency (shouldn't that be a given?). Kelley Puckett probably wouldn't say that she's retarded; instead he would ...

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