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Interesting ideas at play

On the planet I'noxia, Supergirl is given the opportunity to recreate Krypton from her memories and live out her life with her friends and family. Of course there is a catch, Cyborg-Superman (who seems to have a different origin than the pre-New 52 version) wants her Kryptonite-poisoned body for himself. As the heroine remarks, she needs to be a little more discerning of the boys she's been hanging out with.

I like the self-deprecating humor of the book, and even if I'noxia itself isn't all that well explained it creates the opportunity to offer a different kind of story (which should ramp up in the action department next month). This isn't a title I consistently pick up, but I've been happy with the recent issues I've read and it's improved over the past couple of years from the mixed reaction I had to the title's re-launch.

One final note, I'd actually rate this a 3.5 instead of a 3. You can find more of my reviews (with images) on RazorFine Reviews

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