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Remembering the Legion of Super Heroes

Remembering that she knew the Legion of Super Heroes made Supergirl faint...reading most anything with the Legion makes me wanna puke...I hate the Legion. Even though the stories in Countdown have made it a little better...just seeing Karate Kid (HA HA HA) and Triplicate Girl makes me squirm...but this is a Countdown tie in and Amazon Attacks it is a good read and possibly has clues to the future of Countdown. I recommend on to another thing I hated about this issue...the sucked...Supergirl does not look right and Karate Kid looks like an alien and the art inside feels rushed...not a fan...the writing is mediocre...sorry the truth hurts...but because of the elements of the story I did give three stars.

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    Upset Supergirl a Highlight of the Issue. 0

    It's too early and too little of the story has been told for me to really fairly judge this issue. I don't know who Karate Kid and this Triplicate Girl are, nor do I really care...does he still do that one foot swan kick anyhow?what I do care about it the character of Supergirl. I am still wary of her personality. I fear her personality from the beginning of this series may creep back in. It hasn't so far and there really is no reason for me to fear it. It's just that I really want to like ...

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