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Supergirl #21 Review

Supergirl #21 Review


Supergirl leaves Earth and finds a new friend, who will turn out to be an enemy.

The Good:

The story is pretty good, a return to form from the humorous nature of the last two issues. Kara goes into space to get away from Dr. Veritas and her lab. The adventure is fairly straight forward, seeing her interact with others though is nice for a change after the ringer she has gone through on Earth since issue one. Seeing Kara be happy is a change of pace that is surprising because it makes you think about how bad her time on Earth actually has been.

Cyborg Superman makes his New 52 debut here (I am pretty sure) and his more grotesque appearance makes sense, given the way that I’noxia works. Seeing him interact with Supergirl instead of Superman will probably pan out to be very interesting. His character development is sure to be intriguing.

After the humorous nature of the last issue, I was a bit skeptical that Michael Alan Nelson could pull off drama but there is a flashback with Kara and Siobhan that shows that he can do more serious themes. The whole issue also shows that Kara is a teenager facing death and making teenager style decisions with teenage vulnerability. Nelson has taken all of the mistrust and loneliness that Kara has been feeling and stabbed her in the heart with it so that when she is on I’noxia, she loves it. Not since Marjorie Liu’s X-23 have I seen a teenager written so well.

The art is done by Diogenes Neves this issue and it is a great substitute for Mahmud Asrar. The art fits very well with the tone of the issue; there is a bit of stylization on the facial expressions but it never really takes away from the story.

The Bad:

Nothing, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire issue.


Excellent writing from Michael Alan Nelson is complimented by great art from Diogenes Neves. Nelson captures Kara the teenager instead of Kara the hero and grounds her with a humanity that is rarely seen in super-family titles.

5 out of 5

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