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Supergirl #20 Review

Supergirl #20 Review


Supergirl is attacked by Sanctuary while Power Girl tries to stop her.

The Good:

Michael Allan Nelson starts off his run with a bang as Sanctuary channels her inner GLaDOS. There is a large emphasis on comedy in this issue but it never becomes overbearing and the issue gets serious when it has too. Seeing Power Girl get called out for her costume was a fun thing to see and it was nice to see that the Karas were not carbon copies of each other but had different personalities with enough similarities to be the same person from a different dimension. While most of the issue revolved around Sanctuary trying to kill the wrong Kara (Supergirl), there was some emotional depth to Supergirl that was really nice to see as it demonstrated that Supergirl is still a teenager and subject to mood swings and self-doubt. It really humanized her a lot.

Michael Allan Nelson writes the issue for the first time and he seems to have a great grasp on not only Supergirl but Power Girl as well. He blends humor and seriousness together very well and shows that Supergirl has brains to go with her brawn.

As always, Mahmud Asrar draws a wonderful issue. There are multiple single panel pages that look stunning and really capture the emotion of the moment, particularly the sunrise.

The cover by Emanuela Lupachhino and Nel Ruffino is excellent.

The Bad:

There is nothing majorly wrong with the issue but some may be put off by the humor of the issue.


Michael Allan Nelson writes his first issue of Supergirl very well and makes a serious situation funny without losing focus. The story is complemented greatly by great art from Mahmud Asrar that really captures the emotion of the issue. This is a great issue that any fan of the series will enjoy.

5 out of 5

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