Supergirl #2

    Supergirl » Supergirl #2 - Power, Chapter Two: Teen Titans released by DC Comics on November 1, 2005.

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    The battle that had to happen is here: Supergirl vs. Superboy! After last issue's titanic tussle with Power Girl, why is Kara going toe-to-toe with the Boy of Steel? And where do the rest of the Teen Titans fit into all of this? Plus, Lex Luthor makes his move!

    As Supergirl confronts Superboy, she asks him what his problem is, to which he answers is her being here. He starts tying her up with her own cape, Kara tells him he doesn't know her at all, but Conner says all he wants is for her to be gone. Kara then frees herself while thinking about how her plan to just talk to Conner is working out so far. They start firing their heat vision at each other, while Supergirl remarks how she already took Power Girl's heat vision to the face and doesn't need to take this, and Conner asks what Power Girl has to do with any of this. Kara says she has everything to do with why she's here and punches Conner, sending him crashing to the ground. Kara flies down and, with her x-ray vision, sees that she broke Conner's jaw and then fixes it.

    The two of them apologize and begin to start over, but then some of the Teen Titans interrupt and attack. Superboy thinks Kara came here to draw the Titans to him, but before she gets a chance to explain, Wonder Girl attacks Kara and and Cyborg uses sonics to hurt Conner's ears and Beast Boy turns into an elephant and sits on Conner while Cyborg then starts questioning him. Supergirl thinks about how Powergirl, Superboy, and herself have been having trouble with their powers and wonders if she is the source of it all. While Supergirl battles Cassie, Cassie throws her lasso towards Kara and Kara tells her that she knows how its energies intensify with the anger of the one who holds it and grabs the lasso and lets her anger intensify the energy of the rope, taking Cassie out.

    Supergirl says she only came here to talk to someone, but then Raven shows up and says she came for more than just that and says that when there is one or two people you have a problem with, you're not to blame, but when there are three, you are the cause of it, as she wraps her cloak around Kara, despite Kara's protests. Raven then screams and lets Kara out, and Kara tells her that she should never be put in the dark since she can't handle it. Raven apologizes and says that sometimes she just feels things uncontrollably and Supergirl says she couldn't have known and asks her what she saw when Kara was inside of Raven.

    Meanwhile, Superboy realizes Kara couldn't have been sent by the Titans and questions how they tracked her, to which Cyborg says that a high-speed object heading towards the Kent's house will always catch their attention. Conner realizes they have been spying on him and Cyborg says that as team leader, it's his duty to keep an eye on everyone and that Conner is still a Titan. Superboy gets mad, throws Beast Boy off, scaring Beast Boy who tells Cyborg to juice him because he's out of control, but Superboy tells them that if that's what he wanted to do, there were 11 ways he could have done it by now. Supergirl then comes down and tells them all to stop and that if all they want is for Supergirl to go, then she'll leave, but Superboy says that she, his cousin, doesn't have to leave, but the Titans do. An energy bolt then comes and knocks Cyborg down. He looks up and sees Starfire, Kid Flash, and Robin. Robin says he brought Starfire here, with Kid Flash's help, since Starfire has been looking for Supergirl because she believes she might have some of the answers Kara has been looking for.

    Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is preparing a new battle suit with the help of Noah, the Calculator. In the right hand, it is armed with green, red, blue, and black kryptonite, and while they go over what the first three colors of kryptonite do, Noah asks what black does, but Luthor just makes an evil grin on his face.



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    Supergirl Vs. Superboy 0

    In this issue Supergirl goes to the Kents  farm to talk with Superboy. The conversation goes just about as well as the one she had with Supergirl, and the two end up beating each other. Basically the whole issue is one big fight devided by ... well ... nothing. The writer felt that these characters could not converse without hitting each other.   Yup, once again the star of the show is the art. Ian Churchill shines on this one and he is not too shabby at drawing the ladies. The writing on the ot...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Nobody Likes Supergirl. 0

    Whoa. I have no idea what the heck is going on. Talk about never reading superhero comics much. It's been years and well, when was Superboy called Connor? What the heck is going on? All I know of the Teen Titans was its some kind of show I would see in the television listings.Oh well, time to catch up although it appears to be more difficult than I thought it would be. None of these characters are the same from my day. I hope Lex Luthor will be at least. We shall see in the upcoming issu...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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