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Supergirl #19 Review

Supergirl #19 Review


Supergirl and Power Girl finally meet!

The Good:

The story was great, picking up minutes after 18 ended. Supergirl is still afflicted by the Kryptonite poisoning from H’el on Earth and it also afflicts Power Girl as well. This was an issue everyone was waiting for and it lives up to the expectations of the two meeting by spreading it out over two issues. This means that the story can take its time and develop properly instead of cramming a whole bunch of action and personal revelations into one issue. A good thing about the issue is that the thought boxes are present for both heroines though out the entire issue and being able to see both really adds the issue. One new aspect of the relationship between both Kara’s is the instinctual bond between the two, as far as I know it is new to the New 52 and not only works as a handy plot device but adds a dimension to their relationship that is new and mysterious. They also share a quasi-physical bond as well which is interesting.

THE COSTUME IS BACK! Seriously, the original Power Girl costume is back. In Worlds’ Finest, Power Girl as a habit of losing her costume and here is no different, but there is a sense of humor about it that makes it more than fan service; and so Sanctuary gives her a new one that is the old one and it looks like the old one.

Mike Johnson does a great job writing the issue. He makes the both Kara’s similar but different at the same time. This aspect wasn’t explored too much here but it laid the foundation for interesting developments in the future. Power Girl was written very well here, I wish it was like this in Worlds’ Finest too…

As always Mahmud Asrar delivers great artwork. The cover and splash page look particularly great.

The Bad:

Lex Luthor has been floating around the background of the Super-family books for a few issues and there is no explanation to his apparent powers or what is happening. I assume that it will be told in either Superman or Action Comics but his rather unexplainable powers and such are a bit jarring.


A great issue is delivered from the near unstoppable duo of Johnson and Asrar. The art and writing complement each other perfectly and really tell a great story. The best thing about the issue is the slower pacing. It stops the issue from being cluttered and unreadable by spreading out the encounter over two issues. There is not a large amount of dialogue but all of the writing is effective and the art itself tells a lot of the story.

5 (4.5) out of 5

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